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  • Bryon Harris

Hunter and the Wick'd - 'I Don't Wanna Talk Right Now'

Singer-songwriter Miri Hunter grew up in a musical household filled with everything from country to jazz. Her inspirational childhood and early classical piano training led her to a lifelong passion for music. Today, Miri has formed a new band called ‘Hunter and the Wick’d. Band members include Miri Hunter, acoustic guitar and vocals; Thom Merrick, bass and electric guitar; Rick Chaffee, electric guitar; and Erik Mouness on drums. Hunter and the Wick’d perform throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. Concerts are kept fresh by virtuoso performances from regular band member, Thom Merrick on bass and guitar, who also co-writes with Hunter and local musicians from the Hi-Desert.

The band’s self-titled CD boasts ten Folk/Americana songs that Hunter calls “Desert Country Rock.” The songs were inspired by the magical hi desert of California’s Joshua Tree. Miri moved to the dessert and found that the tranquility of the landscape sparked her gift. Off the album, their debut single, “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now” is sure to get you talkin’.

“I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now” commences with light acoustic guitar and tasteful melodic electric guitar fills. There’s a nice soft groove that’s created right from the start. Miri enters singing, “I don't want to talk right now, I just want to lay up in your arms I don't want to talk right now, words can only do us harm. Let's not talk right now, let me lay up on your arms.” Miri has a natural vocal tone that is relaxed and easy to listen to. Her voice is warm and inviting. Soon, beautiful harmonies come in an upper register - the harmonies sound wonderful. The melodic content in “I Don’t Want to Talk Right Now” is strong making this song feel like an old, welcomed friend. The song has a timeless quality. A nice instrumental section highlights artistic and classy guitar leads that display folk music sensibilities, fitting the vibe of the song perfectly. The chorus is catchy with a strong hook that wil have you humming long after you have heard the song. “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now can stand side by side on the folk-country charts. The song has universal appeal with lyrics about what’s important in life from a simple touch to a quite place, and sometimes we have to stop the world to catch our breath. Music has a way of saying what words cannot and this is Miri’s gift – to capture what the soul feels in song.

For more information on Hunter and the Wick'd, please visit them on Reverbnation.

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