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  • Bryon Harris

ABC Cutthroat - "I Can See It'

Rapper ABC (allaboutcash) Cutthroat aka Davon Davis hails from Louisville, Kentucy the home of Muhammed Ali. By the age of 12, Cutthroat already knew his destiny was in the entertainment industry. With his Uncle “Big MarK” and his Uncle's son “Lil Mike” a record label was launched called ‘Bottom Boy Records in Nashville, Tennesse. Going by the name “The Young Rydaz”, Davon got a distribution deal and sold $100,000 worth of C.D’s straight out the trunk of his uncle’s car. This led to labels knocking on the door and the opportunity to open for artists such as Soldier Slim, LiL Wayne, Scarface, Kurtis Blow and The Big Tymers just to name a few. However, things came to an abrupt end due to an unexpected and unfortunate situation with his uncle. All this could have stopped him, but it didn’t. Davon pushed forward, elevating his music to new levels, determined to be the best rapper he could be and the fruit of his labor was worth the wait. His latest single, “I Can See It”, is a testimony to his determination, skill and mass appeal.

“I Can See It” opens with laid-back, melodic synth. A nice thick fuzzy bass supports the track. The percussion gives an underlying intensity. Cutthroat enters rapping, “I can see it they faces they don’t want me to make it...I can see in they faces that's why my canon of safety.” The chorus of “I Can See It” is excellent presenting a very strong hook that will surely get stuck in your head.

Check out the video below. In addition to being a natural rapper, Cutthroat is also a natural on screen and has great charisma and style.

Cutthroat’s flow is superb – he has enough natural talent to take him wherever he wants to take it. He raps from a place that’s authentic, raw and real. In “I Can See It’ Cutthroat breaks it wide open exposing the hypocrisy around him and the root of it all – jealousy - and the truth is, there is plenty to be jealous of. Cutthroat is an excellent writer and performer.

Cutthroat has already seen every form of roadblock in his life including the violence that took his brother and cousin's life and nothing is going to knock him down. Cutthroat's experiences have created a deep confidence that is clearly heard in his music. Taking material from his own life , Cutthroat puts out music that is direct and honest.

Cutthroat is on a mission to make it and he is on the right track with his latest release "I Can See It'. With a hook that is

addictive, a style that is authentic and a flow that’s polished, ABC Cutthroat can make it nationally .

For more info on the single, check it out on iTunes.


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