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  • Bryon Harris

Love X Stereo - Zero One

Love X Stereo is the electro pop-rock duo of Toby Hwang and Annie Ko. Toby Hwang is a former skate punk rocker and Annie Ko, a fugitive astrophysicist. Love X Stereo captivates with mesmerizing music for the masses. The duo has played music festivals across Asia and North America. With the epic release of their double EP series ‘We Love We Leave’ in 2016, Love XStereo headlined at SXSW’s perennially packed ‘K-Pop Night Out’ showcase. They were nominated for best dance/electronic album of the year at the 2017 Korean Music n 2017, they started to skip the release of traditional albums in favor of releasing 37 brand new tracks and music videos all via Patreon ( T

Love X Stereo's latest release is titled “Zero One.” Zero One” is the sequel soundtrack to “Ultra Bleu.” Both of these tracks, “Zero One” and “Ultra Blue”, are songs to the motion pictures of the same titles by acclaimed Film Director/Actor Nick Neon who collaborated with Love X Stereo.

The song “Zero One” opens with mellow moving synth-pop ambience. The track is instantly moving. Crisp percussion creates a strong beat. A deep electro bass resonates. You could easily close your eyes and get completely lost in this track. Annie enters singing, “Love is dead. It’s over. You can’t see anything. Love is dead. It’s over. You can’t feel anything. " The lyrics paint the deeply emotional story of young love and loss.

Annie’s voice was made for this genre. With exquisite vocal presentation, Annie has a beautiful, clear-as-a-bell tone that draws you in like a powerful whisper. Melodic synth solos create phrases that complement the track and sound like a muted electric guitar. The track is highly produced and can stand side-by-side with charting synthpop music.

The video to “Zero One” will blow you away. It is so much more than a music video; it is a short , courageous film and Love X Stereo’s “Zero One”is the perfect soundtrack. This is a song about heartbreak, about a love so strong it has an energy of its own that is seen, heard and felt long after the love affair has ended. Watch the video of “Zero One” to learn how the story unfolds.

With each track/song that Love X Stereo releases, it is clear that they are a top-notch international act who have the talent to continue to garnish international appeal. To learn more about Love X Stereo, visit their website.

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