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  • Bryon Harris

Heavy AmericA - 'Easy Killler'

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Heavy AmericA is a rock band like no other. Their dense flavor has genre-diversity, a culmination of progressive rock, alt rock and rebel rock and a few surprises like...funk. To simply say “rock” doesn’t cut it for this group. The three-member band which includes Michael T. Seguin, lead vocals/ guitar; Budd Lapham, bass /vocals; and Dan Fried, drums/ vocals have all contributed their unique tastes and talents to the band’s refreshingly original sound. As the band evolved overtime, as writers and players, they felt less of a need to be put into a mold and allowed their sound to be expressed through their individualities. The result is high-spirited, energized color-outside-the- lines rock experience. Their latest single, “Easy Killer”, makes is easy to hear – how they kill it.

“Easy Killer” has a thrilling introduction of riffs played by both a distorted and grungy solo guitar and thick bass. The addictive melodic motifs are played against syncopated, hard-hitting drums. The band immediately achieves a great head-banging, jamming rock groove that has a lot of funk oozing out of it. It is such a refreshing combination to hear hard rock that grooves like this. Half way in, the band cuts into an awesome interlude section where guitarist Michael Sequin and bassist Budd Lapham cut loose. They display tight musicianship and the rhythm section drives everything forward thanks to Dan Fried who has the chops to do it and is right in-the-pocket.

Michael T. Sequin enters singing, “I like to dance a sexy dance. Watch me move it, see it movin’ Tattoos and sweat running down your neck. Watch it movin’, I’m gonna lose it.” Michael's voices easily rises above the thick mix with some nice punk and rock edges. The chorus invites listeners to participate: “Come a little closer the night’s almost over, let’s dance what they told you, the night’s almost over, let’s dance I like to dance a sexy dance, let’s dance! Between vocal phrases, Michael plays slices of lead guitar that rip through the mix, alternating vocals with guitar leads, back and forth, like a pro. In the end, clapping is heard on the off-beats making this one rock tune you will want to move to. “Easy Killer” is about the dangerous game of lust “you’re the one mother said stay away from” and the desire to just let go and dance in the moment.

Heavy AmericA has pulled off what very few harder rock bands can do – they groove, and they groove well. You can feel it in the music and even see it in the video:

Combining clean and sizzling rock guitar solos, nice thick and jammin’ rock bass lines, driving drums, and vocals that have edge, the band’s song “Easy Killer” is one you can head-bang and groove to - all at the same time.

For more information on Heavy AmericA, please visit their website.

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