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Steve Lutz - 'When You Come Around Here'

Steve Lutz is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and bass player who has been a staple of the Chicago music scene for over 30 years. Currently, Steve plays with the Chicago-based band Beta Dogs. At heart, Steve is a rock musician, but the rock Steve offers is multi-dimensional as he incorporates elements of Americana, Blues and Alt Country into his music. Writing, recording and performing is all about connection for Steve. Whether he is expressing his experiences or tuning into a universal human experience, sharing a moment playing with fellow musicians or moving his listeners/audiences with his words and melodies– it is all part of the larger experience that being a musician encompasses. Steve has just released a new single titled, “When You Come Around Here” off his new album, 'Maybe I'm Your Man.' The album was recorded with members of the critically acclaimed group, The Band Of Heathens. Steve is on vocals and guitar; Gordy Quist: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica; Ed Jurdi: Guitars, Keyboards; Jesse Wilson: Bass, Keyboards; and Richard Milsap: Drums, Percussion. “When You come Around Here” is a great way to introduce yourself to Steve’s formidable talent.

“When You Come Around Here” starts with a smooth, melodic a bass line that has funk. Syncopated guitar chords cut through and play along. Jazzy rock drums come in setting a very nice beat. The bands rhythmic sophistication is immediately heard and felt. This is rock and roll with a groove that smiles because it knows all the musicians are in sync in every way; they are playing on a level that transcends the studio and truly “feeling it” like they are playing in front of a live audience. Listeners will feel this energy and want to move.

Steve enters singing, “Most of the time, time just slipping away. It's slipping on by every day. I make my way. Well yeah, I still get high.” Steve’s voice sounds as though he doesn’t have to try – it’s natural and expressive -laid back in a good way. The chorus is catchy. “When you come around here. The earth is starts shaking. When you come around here, my body shaking. When you come around here My heart it starts to pumping. I feel it thumping. Nearly jumping right out of my skin”.

Lyrically the song strikes a universal experience. Time is slipping by and life’s experiences and the people you meet seem to come and go, making it hard to feel rooted, but then love comes around and everything else feels small in comparison. Tasteful and smooth guitar solos highlight the track. The songwriting is stellar. This is rock and roll the way we want it. It borrows from the past (you may hear a slight Hendrix vibe), but has a timeless quality that transcends place and time. It has lyrics you can sing along with and easily relate to. It has superb, tight musicianship and a singer who is so at home in his craft, that you will feel like you are experiencing the song live in your own living room, yet the recording is extremely polished.

For more information about Steve Lutz, please visit his website.

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