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  • Bryon Harris

Sir B ft Capo - 'By da Way'

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Sir B is a triple-talented force in the hip hop arena. He is a writer, a recording engineer and a mixing and mastering guru. In addition to working on his own music, Sir B has collaborated with a multitude of other artists. Previously working at a studio in Atlanta for 10 years as an engineer, he now lives in Las Vegas creating music as an artist/engineer at Foli Studios. His latest single, “By da Way” is a testament to his chart-topping ability.

Produced by CorMill, the song opens up with an addictive, melodic plucky synth line soon joined by sub bass and backed with filtered vocals that instantly grab your attention. Multiple layers of vocals are very effective.

When the beat drops and Sir B enters for the first verse you will be blown away by his immaculate flow. Sir B is an impeccable rapper who has truly honed his craft. Sir B standsout amonst SoundCloud rappers.

Progressing into the chorus, Capo lays down a hook so smooth it will stick with you after just your first listen and could easily become the next line that catches on. "By da Way" could be a household line. This is just one of those songs that you could play on repeat. Between Sir B’s unbeatable flow, a catchy hook, and a beat that slaps, you will be left wondering how this song hasn’t already blown up big.

Sir B can stand side-by-side any charting hip hop artist today. He has the experience, the flow, and the addictive hooks and he knows how to collaborate to get the best sound.

Check out Sir B on Soundcloud.

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