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  • Bryon Harris

Not For Lease - 'Runaway Train'

Hailing from Grand Rapids, the 3-member band Not For Lease offers up hard-rock the way their fans want it. The rhythm sets the energy from beginning to end, the solos are impressive, and the no-frills lyrics are straight to the point. Their EP releases include ‘Pushed’ (2015) and ‘Hemified’ (2016). Formed in 2014, the band features three members: Kirk Chrysler – vocals and drums; Nick Chrysler – bass; and Tyler Chrysler – rhythm and lead guitar. Their single, “Runaway Train,” showcases the bands talent and appeal.

"Runaway Train" opens with sounds of a whistling, chugging locomotive coming down the track. Taps on the hi-hat count in four and the band comes in with a full rush of sound. At the core, distorted rhythm guitar, clean, sizzling lead guitar riffs, and vein-pulsing bass set the hard-rock foundation. The band is tight utilizing just the right amount of distortion, crisp solos, and driving bass so that each musician blends and shines. Kirk enters singing, “Will I ever see you again? Or is this the last time I'm seeing you as my girlfriend? I don't know what the future holds. Hopefully it's you and me for all eternity.” Kirk has the perfect amount of edge and attitude to carry the big sound that the three musicians pull off. The verses build up nicely to the catchy chorus “You make me feel like I’m on Runaway Train. Towards the edge of the cliff my hearts pounding again. What can I say? What can I do? Because baby I’m in love with you.” Kirk has great range and vocal control as he sustains long-held notes over the track in true rocker fashion.

Tyler displays immense guitar chops as his solos cut well through the grungy rhythm guitar. The rhythm section drives the band forward with in-the-pocket bad-ass bass played by Nick and the drums that will get you head-banging. Kirk is one of those rare musicians who can sing and play the drums and he does both extraordinarily well.

The lyrics to Runaway Train are straight forward and capture the universal feeling of meeting someone and wanting those feelings to last. The thrilling, heart-pounding energy of the beginning of falling in love is captured by the band’s intensity and energy.

Grand Rapids has found it’s favorite hard-rock band in Not For Lease. The name of the band is suiting for a group that does not sell-out it’s hard-rock ethics and delivers great material time and time again.

For more information on Not For Lease, please visit them on Reverbnation.

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