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  • Bryon Harris

Yng Bndr - "Down"

Hailing all the way from Reykjavik, Iceland Yng Bndr is an up-and-coming young, 18-year old rapper. He is new to the music industry having started his craft about a year ago. Yng Bndr studied piano in his youth and draws his inspiration from Travis Scott, xxxtentacion, lil peep and young thug. His latest single, ”Down” is a great way to get acquainted with this young rapper’s talent.

“Down” starts things off with a melodic synth in an addictive loop that will stick in your head. With the drop of the sub bass, the rap commences. Once the drum beat kicks in, the full hype of the beat takes over and gets your blood pumping. “Down” is just one of those songs you can throw on and it will get you pumped up, perfect for hitting the gym or hitting the club.

Yng Bndr enters with the hook saying, “Iced my wrist its bust down, she won’t fuck them up now…” as he weaves boastful bars about his fashion, jewelry, and being able to take your girl. Yng Bndr is a natural rapper that pulls it off with ease. He has a sound that is easily universal and can be enjoyed worldwide.

Recently, "Down" was put into rotation on National Indie Radio’s (WNIR) radio show, “Rap Around.” You can also check him out on Soundcloud.

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