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  • Bryon Harris

Carol Martini - 'Hit Man'

Carol Martini, a prolific songwriter from Orange County, California. She recently released her 7th CD titled, 'The Art Of Singing While Drowning'. This CD of 23 songs reflects her ability to fill a song cataglog to the top. The album represents an amalgamation of styles; she covers rock, pop-rock, folk-rock and adult-contemporary. there are even songs that would work for theater and film. Previous releases include: The Story So Far, Piece By Piece, Modern Loneliness, The Rose In The Boxcar, Petals Of The Red Magnolia and Songs Of The Girl On The Swing. Carol has been a staple in the Southern California coffeehouse circut. She plays weekly in venues including coffee houses, small clubs, book/music stores. Her performances feature acoustic guitar versions of her original songs - she is known for her approachable and warm connection with her audience.

Her single "Hit Man" (produced by Daniel Martin) is a hihgly entertaining song and a great way to get know Carol. The song is loosely based on Phil Spector, the infamous producer with a multitude of hits who was convicted of murder. Although the songn is not about Spector per say, it does tell a similar story. Carol uses the term "hit man" to describe a person who puts out hit records then turns to a life of crime( a hit man with gun in hand,) when the records stop selling. Commencing with four strong cymbal hits, "Hit Man" is out of the gate with a pop-rock vibe. The rocking instrumentals feature a captivating blend of pulsing drums, ambient electric organ, crunchy guitar, and bass.

Carol begins the story singing, “He was a master in the studio/ he knew how to get those golden sounds/he tookbands to the top of the charts/he made those gold records go round and round.” Not before long, the energy picks up with background vocals from Carol as she begins to sing about the downfall of the “Hit Man.” Followed up by an easily remembered chorus, one of Carol's great gifts is her ability to write songs with strong hooks and melodies that get stuck in your head long after you hear them. She also has a flare for storytelling with twists and turns.

With a certain nostalgic feeling, Carol Martini's "Hit Man" offers up entertaining pop-rock with strong story-telling and a cathcy hook that gets stuck in your head long after you hear it and puts a smile on your face.

For more information about Carol Martini or to check out her extensive song library and release, please visit her website.

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