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  • Bryon Harris

Fareed - 'Funk-T-Fide'

Hailing from Hell's Kitchen in New York City, Fareed is an artistic force to reckon with. An artist who crosses over from The Latin music market into the Pop Dance market, Fareed appeals to fans of many genres. Coming from Hip Hop and Freestyle roots, he has worked with the legendary Full Force, Tommy Musto, Frankie Bones and Spirit Matter. Fareed is back with his indie label Sosua Sound Recordings with his signature, fun Latin sound. Fareed has been in the music industry for over 30 years. He has credentials galore, too many to list (visit his website for a full bio). Off his new label comes the sensational single, "Funk-T-Fide" off the album 'Urban Tek Volume 2-El Boricua Arabe'

When you listen to “Funk-T-Fide,” you will immediately be drawn in by the grooving arrangement of choppy synth, bumpin’ bass, triumphant horns, and vocals mimicking the bass line. Fareed first enters with a smooth melodic flow singing, “I can see that Lady walking down the street Strutting her stuff to a funky beat She's Funk-T-Fide She's Funk-T-Fide,” boasting a crystal-clear, radio-ready mix. Switching from his singing flow to a deeper rhythmic style, Fareed will keep you drawn in verse after verse. He's got groove, vocal smoothness, strong song-writing chops and great charisma.

Fareed got the inspiration for this funky jam after bouncing back from a break-up and meeting a lady so fine, she was “Funk-T-Fide.” The lyrics are fun and sexy. "She's adventurous she's fabulous A wild child with a smile that you can't trust. She's the forbidden fruit.Likes men in expensive suits No money no honey so where's Da loot." With addicting melodies that captivate you, there is no doubt that each time Fareed says to “Hit it!” you will be singing along “Boom Boom Boom Butta Butta Butta.”

From start to finish, “Funk-T-Fide” is a dynamic tune that fully engages listeners through not only its charismatic and smooth vocals but by it's stellar instrumental arrangement as well.

The music and lyrics were written by Fareed B. Abdallah. It was produced by Junior Galan and recorded at Sosua Sound Recordings in The Dominican Republic and distributed by AWAL. For more information on Fareed, visit his website.

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