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  • Bryon Harris

Ilya Setrakian - 'Stay the Night'

Currently working in Philadelphia, Ilya Setrakian grew up in New York City in a family

of artists. By age three, he was studying piano. At a young age, he performed at

some of New York’s most exclusive venues such as Park Lane Hotel. ILya

continued his formal music training at New York's High School of Performing Arts and University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He released his first EP, ‘Vanity’ which found a strong fan-base on multiple platforms. Ilya brings a uniquely soulful and eclectic

style to his work, mixing influences from Jazz greats like Ellington and R&B’s Stevie Wonder and Otis Redding. In Philadelphia, his original songs have been heard at the Trocadero,

Coda, Kung Fu Necktie, and Pub Webb. His latest four song EP titled ‘I Never Knew’

are about longing for a connection in a plugged in world. The EP we produced by Sam Carlen and recorded in one day at Spice House Sounds. Musicians on the EP includes Kwesi Robinson on Drums; Greg Driza on bass and Sam Carlen on guitar. Dan Wright helped Ilya orchestrate the horn section and played the charts along with Izzy Moregrass and Patrick Conlon. The single ‘Stay the NIght’ off the EP is a great way to get hooked on Ilya’s talent.

"Stay the Night” opens with a colorful blast of soulful, jazzy and R & B fused sounds orchestrated by horns with light percussion. Immediately a jubilant, hip groove is established reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. Ilya enters singing, “I’ve been feeling that maybe someday, you could give me a little bit more.” His voice is instantly relatable and radio -ready. Ilya sounds like he’s been singing since he was a kid because he has - and it shows. He pulls off an undeniably natural yet skilled performance that makes his music sound as though it’s easy even though it’s extremely sophisticated – Ilya is a highly trained artist who has mastered his craft to perfection making him a musician's musician and one that will impress wide audiences. From beginning to end “Stay the Night’ will make you stay for more. The chorus is incredibly infectious with an extremely strong hook, “And if it ain’t right to ask you to stay the night. But it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t try. I know that there’s no way you can stay the night. You just gotta know that all I want for you is to stay the night.”

Check out the video of “Stay the Night”

At its heart, “Stay the Night” is a romantic love song about wanting more from a

relationship. "I’ve been trying to find a good way that we could give a little bit more.”

The song is intimate and personal drawing listeners in with a sense of authentic

vulnerability and tenderness. “Oh is you stayed, I’d make every second count, let

you know what I ’m all about”.

Ilya Setrakian is an artist to watch. He possesses that certain “it” factor that jumps off the video screen and the music scores and feels alive. His undeniable charisma and talent is prime for mass appeal. Illya is a true artist who writes songs that feel natural and honest in a world that often feels plastic and out-of-touch and he does so with musical class. He’s a first-class act on his way to the top.

You can connect with Ilya, on Facebook.


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