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  • Bryon Harris

Iron Core - 'Louder'

Iron Core is a hard rock band that was founded and formed by Charlie Angel (bassist) and Jon St’john (lead singer). The two searched far and wide to find band members that fit the bill and struck gold when they discovered drummer Rick Fabio who blew them away during his audition. Soon after guitarist extraordinaire Charlie Franc was added to the lineup. With stellar musicians on board, Iron Core combines classic 70’s and 80’s rock with contemporary hard rock for a sound that encompasses the best of both worlds. Iron Core’s new song “LOUDER” will be released worldwide as a digital and physical single on Bongo Boy Records on February 8th 2019 . This is Iron Core's debut single from their upcoming EP, ‘Before the Brave’ , which is scheduled to be released on Bongo Boy Records this Summer. “Louder” was co-written by Jon St’john and Charlie Angel

“Louder” opens up with a bad-ass melodic guitar riff that oozes with attitude. It’s the kind of riff that get crowds on their feet, headbanging. Bass and drums seal "Louder's" hard rock groove with in-the-pocket precision . Lead guitar solos cut through, paving the way for the first verse. Lead singer, John St’john enters singing and his voice is heard perfectly above the mix. John has a powerful presence and great range. Nice vocal effects, reverb and echo are added for a full-on sound that could fill a stadium.

The chorus of "Louder" presents a rock anthem vibe. “Get up off the ground. Let me hear you scream louder. ‘ About two and half minuets in, the band moves into a jam session. Giving off a live sound, the track is highly engaging and exciting with the kind of lead guitar solos that hark back to the days when guitarists knew how to be Gods and blow you away. It's not that they are showing off, it fits the music and adds to the intensity. It is what you would expect from a band of this caliber. The ending builds up and hammers it home with hard hitting rolling drums and energy that doesn't give out until the last drop.

Iron Core has taken all the core elements of hard rock - distorted guitars, powerful vocals, virtuoso lead guitar solos , hard hitting drums and precision bass – combined it with an addictive anthem hook - and put out a single that will have hard rock fans lining up for their album and live shows.

For more information on Iron Core, visit Bongo Boy Records Artist Page.

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