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  • Bryon Harris

Hedera - 'Missing Yesterday'

At the core of the band Hedera is friendship. Five high school acquaintances turned post-collegiate musicians form the band’s jazz and rock inspired sound. Members include Christopher Federici, lead vocals; Anthony Formisano, lead guitar, Fender Rhodes, backing vocals; Richard Grouser, bass guitar, backing vocals; Victor Logan: rhythm guitar and Shawn Singh on drums. Off their seven song CD ‘Helix” comes the stellar single, “Missing Yesterday”

"Missing Yesterday” will blow you away. Straight out of the gate, Hedera is a band that sophisticated and discerning ears will absolutely love. The song commences with a duo between crunchy and precise, syncopated rhythm guitar and expert drums. Lead singer Christopher Federici enters with the first verse, “Here I am, I'm picking a card from a stack called chance. But life, was a game, that I never ever wanted to play.” Christopher is sensational; he has a fantastic voice that was made for stardom.

The catchy chorus breaks with harmonies, “It feels like I'm missing yesterday, I'm so tired, and I've been playing oh so long, and now everything's gone.” Here the band showcases their rock sensibilities with strong melodic content. But what comes next is truly remarkable. The band is too good to just give us a standard verse and chorus format. Instead, they dig deeper and give us true composition with a bridge section that is stunning and surprises with unique elements. The musicianship is second-to-none. Listeners will be left with that "wow” feeling. This band is remarkable.

“Missing Yesterday” is essentially about grief, loss and yearning. It is about missing people who were once in your life and a past life that is gone. It is about coming to terms with those feelings of loss.

Please take a moment to listen to 'Missing Yesterday'

If you know Indie Spoonful then you know that we don’t say this too often – Hedera could be the next big breakout band in today’s music scene - they are beyond exceptional and deserve every ounce or praise that will surely come their way. It wouldn't surprise us if they end up on the festival scene sooner than later.

You can connect with Hedera on Facebook.

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