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  • Bryon Harris

Mack H.D. - 'FotoLove'

Mack H.D is a young Music Producer from New York. He was born in Port Au Prince Haiti where Konpa and reggae - Caribbean music – ran through his veins. Around the age of 13, Mack H.D. discovered American hip hop and was deeply inspired by Dr. Dre. After the tragic death of both his parents, Mack H.D. moved to NY to live with his older brother. During high-school, he learned how to make beats and recorded dozen of records for local rappers. He went to college, then dropped out to pursue a career in music production and audio engineering. After 4 years of struggle in the business, he decided to put his dreams on hold and go back to school to pursue a degree in science. Now Mack returns as a graduate with a passion to share his own his music. As a celebration of his heritage, and his music and education accomplishments, Mack H.D. intends to release a compilation album of his work. His first single, “FotoLove” is a great way to get acquainted with Mack H.D.'s talent.

“FotoLove” opens with electronic ambiance coated with an ultra-smooth R&B-Pop polish. Rhythmically, the track establishes it’s groove straight out the gate. The beat comes in with some crisp taps then evens out into a steady syncopated beat that lightly pops. The entire production is a combination of clean and crisp rhythmic articulations and smooth melodic content making the groove and tune easy to latch onto. Horn solos add contrast with longer, melodic lines, embellishing the track with tasteful solos that have melodic soul. With a touch of mainstream techno and pop sensibilities, “FotoLove’ will have you lost in the moment on the dance floor. The song is short in length which only serves to whet your appetite for more and hit rewind.

“Mack H.D. enters singing in a funk-fused falsetto range, “I love it when you stare at me. Look at my friend.” During various key moments, vocal effects are added for a chic synth-pop sound, “I’m in love with your picture, picture.” His voice is easily heard above the mix with a smooth R & B tone. This fun song is all about love at first sight. It’s that moment when you see someone, and they look amazing. You instantly fall in love and find yourself staring at their picture when they are not around.

Mack H.D. has produced a mesmerizing track. As an established producer who did a lot of work in the hip hop genre, "FotoLove" is a brave move and a move that was worth taking. One thing is very clear – the music inside Mack H.D. has been there since he was born and it is an amalgamation of different styles, genres, cultures and influences and nothing is better than a song that musically reflects the artist's genuine talents. It comes off as real and engaging. Combining house, techno, soul, and pop, Mack H.D. is an excellent artist and stellar producer who has a natural gift that flows from within and onto his tracks creating a unique sound that has mass appeal.

Check out FotoLove on Spotify

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