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  • Bryon Harris

Greg Hoy & The Boys (Double LP)

Greg Hoy & The Boys have released an ambitious self-titled double gate-fold LP. Over the course of rock history, bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have had double album success, but in today’s market you see less and less full albums, never mind double albums. In the new streaming era, most independent artists release singles or EP’s so a 4-sided project with 22 rock songs (all written by Greg Hoy) is nothing short of monumental - but it’s not surprising for Greg Hoy & The Boys. With over 30 full length releases in the last 15 years, Brooklyn-by-way-of-California singer-songwriter and musician Greg Hoy is beyond prolific. Joining Greg on the album are Jason Slota (Drums), Paul Labrise, (Farfisa Keys), and Adam J. (Bass). Diving into the albums single, "Baby the World’s On Fire”, is a great way to introduce yourself to Greg Hoy & The Boys retro rock sound.

No time is wasted getting into the rock mindset in “Baby The Worlds On Fire” as the intro commences with vocals and the band on the first downbeat as Greg shoots strait into the chorus “Baby the world's on fire and you're talking 'bout your hair Shiny and twisted spread out everywhere.” The intro does a great job capturing the sense of urgency behind the song’s meaning and immediately grabs your attention with energy right from the start.

Greg’s voice is very accessible. He is heard clearly above the thick, grungy rock mix with great tone and articulation. Musically, the band is tight. Drummer Jason Slota and bassist Adam J. keep it in-the-pocket with rhythmic precision and admirable skill. Greg Hoy & the Boys demonstrate their ability to keep things very engaging with interesting syncopated moments between verses for an alternative rock edge. The guitar work (which is also done by Greg) combines harmonic paste with thick fuzzy chords and melodic crispness with solo work that sharply cuts through with intensity. Paul Labrise plays a Farisfa electronic organ in an upper register during the solo section adding a classic rock texture to the mix.

Lyrically, "Baby The World’s On Fire" speaks about a world of quick fixes (the media, vanity, wealth, materialism) and how these things distract from our own existence (love) and perhaps threaten the existence of the world itself. “Pretending your wealthy bringing in all this stuff. Nobody tells you maybe it's time to hang up. Media sells you ya never can get enough.” The thoughtful lyrics are icing on the cake.

“Baby The World’s on Fire” may talk about extinction, but the song itself creates far more than a spark; this song comes out the gate on fire and holds it's energy with engaging musicianship and lyrics from beginning to end which is no surprise coming from a band that has burning up retro rock for 15 years and won't go extinct any time soon.

For more information on Greg Hoy & The Boys, please visit their website.

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