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  • Bryon Harris

Ben Hobbs - Blind to You (Catherine Duc 'Stargazing' Remix)

Ben Hobbs and Catherine Duc, two heavy-hitters in the music scene, have teamed up for an EDM song that's chart-worthy. Ben is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. His sound has been described as "Chris Martin meets Sting with nu-80's sensibilities." He is influenced by David Bowie, The Police, The Weeknd and CHVRCHES. Ben has been covered by several acclaimed media outlets including Billboard, USA Today and BULLETT. He has also been featured on Spotify's New Music Friday playlists with over 6 million plays. Ben has toured with Alex Clare and supported Bright Light Bright Light. Catherine is a GRAMMY nominated composer, multi-instrumentalist and remixer who has remixed songs for The Corrs, XYLØ and Paloma Rush. Along with Ben and Catherine, add Gene Grimaldi who mastered the remix. Gene is a GRAMMY nominated engineer who has mastered songs for artists such as Lady Gaga and Lana del Rey. With the star-studded team of Catherine and Gene, combined with Ben’s outstanding vocal performance, the single “Blind to You” is spellbinding.

“Blind to You” opens with eight-bars of inviting production consisting of a strong downbeat and swirly ambiance that seduces everyone in the room onto the dance-floor. Catherine’s Duc’s EDM remix hands you the pulse on a silver platter with a strong bass and pronounced downbeats that pop and never pound. This is the type of pulse that runs through your veins. You won’t be able to sit still and listen. Your body must move. Short melodic motifs embellish the introduction. Right from the start, the remix is top-notch standing toe-to-toe with charting EDM.

The entrance-way has been lit for the vocals and Ben enters singing with a radio-ready tenor voice that shimmers above the track. Ben is the type of singer who gets lost in the music, but is aware of the power of nuance. “Over time you’re gonna see heartbreak’s better. Don’t run and hide, play these games forever. Don’t hold your breath, while there’s risk of rain Just overcome, overcome, over, so you can live again.” When the chorus arrives, the track expands with stylish syncopation and a thicker harmonic structure that allows listeners and dancers to become fully immersed.

Please take a moment to check out the video:

The EDM remix is incredibly tasteful (never over-the -top), which works very well with Ben's smooth and reflective vocal style. "Tonight I’ll let you get closer to me. I’ll let you see me but know that I’ll be blind to you.” There are very few people who can pull off uplifting and reflective at the same time and Ben Hobbs and Catherine Duc have done it perfectly. 'Blind to You (Catherine Duc 'Stargazing' Remix)' is a song you can dance to, get lost in, and think about long after you've heard it. DJ’s and EDM fans should take notice.

For more information on Ben Hobbs - website.

For more information on Catherine Duc -website.

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