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  • Bryon Harris

Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers - "She Moves Like A Mystery"

The history of songwriting is filled with "one hit wonders" as well as writers who have stood the test of time. Frank Migliorelli is in the second category for good reason. Frank has written two full albums of critically acclaimed music and the group is getting ready to release their third album titled ’The Things You Left Behind’ featuring 10 original songs. In advance of their third release, due out February, 2018, their single “She Moves Like a Mystery” can give you a taste of what to expect from their anticipated album.

‘She Moves Like A Mystery’ opens with clean and precise rock percussion, rhythm and melodic lead guitar lines. For the guitar officiants out there, Frank is playing rhythm on a hollow-body Harmony Rocket (mid-1960s model) which gives the song a nice crisp yet open feel. Frank enters singing, “She moves like a mystery to places I can’t find. Lipstick traces and fingerprints – what she leaves behind.” Frank’s voice has never sounded better and this song puts his vocal performance in line with his stellar songwriting talents. His radio-ready singing is forward in the mix and listeners will be drawn into an undeniable sensitivity in his tone, an innocent rock edge that is very appealing. This sensitive side doesn’t compromise Frank’s Americana and rock-n roll sensibilities – it enhances it giving just the right amount of emotion to create that ‘mystery’ he is singing about.

The musicianship of The Dirt Nappers is flawless. What I love about Frank & The Dirt Nappers is that they always serve the song. You won’t catch this group showing off for the sake of showing off. Instead, The Dirt Nappers approach a song the way artists do - every nuance is just right and I wouldn’t change a thing. If this song was a meal – you could say it’s been seasoned and cooked to perfection. The guitar leads will have you humming along with tasteful awareness of the melody, the bass will keep you moving, and the organ adds a really nice old-school vibe that feels familiar and welcoming as the percussion keeps it laid back.

The chorus of “She Moves Like A Mystery” has the strong hook we have all come to expect and love from Frank and the Dirt Nappers. Lyrically, Frank is great at painting feelings and this is what makes the song universal. "I'm so lost and tangled, in her twisted lover's net-but the final chapters-ain't been written.” The song seems to be about a beautiful woman who keeps herself at an arms distance creating uncertainty.

I started this review by talking about one hit wonders and prolific songwriters. Frank Migliorelli & The Dirt Nappers song “She Moves Like A Mystery” shows that Frank has what it takes to be around for a long time. If I had to choose just one word to describe his brand of Americana/rock n'roll it would be "timeless." In the end, Franks’ songs are timeless treasures that surpass yesterday and tomorrow delivery music that can be appreciated now, regardless of when now is.

For more information on Frank and The Dirt Nappers, please visit their website .

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