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  • Bryon Harris

Keep Right - "Step Back"

East-Coast hip-hop artist Keep Right is from a small town, but he has big ambitions. Raised without a father around, he had a rough start. An intelligent student, Keep Right wasn’t focused to school and often found himself getting into trouble and feeling like something was missing. Inspired by role models in music, Keep started writing rhymes and soon he had a secret collection, a stack of notebooks filled with flows. By 16, he started recording original material and the positive feedback from his peers fueled him forward. Over the next few years, despite all the talent pouring out him, Keep was still in and out of trouble and trying to find his path. He lacked the guidance he needed, but eventually he found his calling in hip hop and began to spread his message through music. Today Keep Right is growing his audience and gaining national attention. A great way to introduce yourself to this rapper's sound, which is fused with intelligent lyricism and great production, is to check out his latest single, “Step Back”

“Step Back” opens with a nice soulful guitar lick. The track is soaked in R & B overtones with leads, a fat bass and rolling percussion. The sound is lit with a laid back groove that will get you hooked. Kudos to producer Chysty Productionz for injecting some old school elements into the mix which will draw a wide audience. Keep Right enters the mix with sheer confidence—his flow easily cuts through the thick mix with a clear mission - “I came in the game like a young Frank Lindor.”

Keep Right tackles a wide range of experiences with sharp lyrics that flow from a place that is raw and genuine. He talks about social issues and channels his life through his music and rhyme like it’s water running through his veins. Each verse is filled to the brim with observation, “Fuck you with your opioid epidemic. I get charged with a crime. Why don’t you charge the clinic? Addiction ain’t a disease, its white privilege. “

One key to Keep Right is that he looks both outwards in observation and inwards towards self-reflection. “I’m way too nefariousness to kill my heritage, genes I inherited.” He goes on to talk about hard work and perfectionism which is heard in his craft and his loyalty to his roots.

We started out stating that Keep Right was in and out of trouble, but had found his path in hip hop, inspired by his mentors, and meaningful lyrics - his latest single “Step Back” proves that Keep Right is on the right path, going in the right direction, and doing right by hip hop. He is where he should be, speaking his truth, yielding a message worth listening to against a mix that packs a lot of soul - both lyrically and musically.

To check out Keep Right's songs, head over to Spotify.

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