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  • Bryon Harris

The 4th World - 'The System of Insanity Enslaving the World and Humanity’

The 4th World found himself deeply disheartened with the music industry’s inability to effectively campaign for a more equal and compassionate world. He saw the void filled with deception and greed and decided to fill it with anti-establishment music for the people of Planet Earth - a voice for the voiceless. The results can be heard in his compelling single, 'The System of Insanity Enslaving the World and Humanity' which was produced by ' Spider J [Roundhouse studios, London].

‘The System of Insanity Enslaving the World and Humanity” might sound like the title of a book or college masters thesis more than a song title and that’s because it packs a whole lot of message into 4:24 minutes. The 4th World’s new single, a hip-hop /spoken word song, is educational, inspirational, and motivational.

The song opens with some sparse piano chords and ambiance as the spoken word calls upon listeners to awaken to global inequality and fatality. The word fatality is repeated multiple times, emphasizing the seriousness of the message while a high pitched bell-like piano key strikes along with it. Interestingly, two other words repeated in the same fashion include the words “devil” and “insanity.” The 4th World's music is direct and persuasive.

As the song progresses, the orchestration grows more intense. Percussion is added and a steady, dark groove is achieved. Starting from the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden tree of knowledge to the hypocrisy of Western Democracy, ‘The System of Insanity Enslaving the World and Humanity’ leaves no stone unturned and questions what is under every stone.

Please watch the video. At the end, there is an opportunity to get involved in spreading the message.

In the end, The 4th World is so much more than a song; it is more than music and it is more than a message - it’s a call to wake up and ultimately to start a movement one song at a time.

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