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  • Bryon Harris

Jazzy Sky - 'Breakfast'

Jazzy Sky is a trio hailing from France founded by Pianist and Composer, Stephane Querry. Stephane is joined by Lyricist Olivier Querry and by Vocalist, Camille. Stephane , who started piano at age 11, studied with many influential pedagogues including Michel Prady, David Patrois and Jean-Christophe Dorchies. He trained at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and the Musical Conservatory of the 5th District of Paris. Camille also started music lessons at a young age and was educated at a University where she earned her teaching credentials. Camille now teaches music at a private studio (vocal coaching, ear taring, and recording). She also sings in a several chorales and a Gospel Choir. Olivier Querry, who holds the trio’s magic pen for word, gained his experiences in several rock bands over the years. The trio has released their debut EP’ Breakfast” and off that EP the title track will wet your taste-buds and have you ordering more.

The single “Breakfast” commences with a light and smooth jazzy bounce brought to life by a great walking bass line, sparse piano chords and percussion. You are immediately taken back to the days when jazz singers took to smoky lounges and couples got onto the floor and danced. The song brilliantly creates a mood that is both happy and melancholy, a yearning and an anticipation. Camille enters singing her melodic lines with a very clear tone that knows diction well. As she sings, the story unfolds of two lovers in a wonderful city, staying at a hotel; they miss each other and look forward to meeting again. “I am far away from you and I really miss you. In my cozy hotel room I'm feeling blue. I'm anxious to see your smile and your sweet eyes again, but outside through the window there's only rain.” The lyrics do a fantastic job capturing the ambiance of the hotel, painting a story that you can literally smell at your breakfast table from the French toast and marmalade to the black coffee and tasty omelettes. As the song progressives so does the piano harmonies and change-ups awakening your ears slowly but surely to more rich flavors of the morning and the song. Mid-way through a clarinet solo comes in like sun through the hotel window.

'Breakfast' is very well-conceived with every musical nuance bringing you into a specific moment where you feel the story through the music, lyrics and singing. In 'Breakfast' the reception at the hotel is warm and friendly while there is an anticipation of the arrival of a love from the past and that is exactly how you will feel when you hear the first song on Jazzy Sky's EP. “Breakfast’ starts your day and you will want to complete every course on this EP that shines with fine musicianship and vocals, savory melodies, rich harmonies, and a composition style that brings back something we yearn for in the past while presenting something new as well.

Taste this sampler of 'Breakfast' on youtube:

For more information on Jazzy Sky, visit there website.

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