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  • Bryon Harris

APG - "Nothing More To Say'

APG is a synth pop-rock artist hailing from Lahti, Finland. His journey has taken him from his hometown to Budapest, Hungary where he studied music in his youth, to tours of Europe where he acquired an expansive music toolbox and finally back to his home in Finland where he resides as a professional guitarist and singer-songwriter. This worldly artist speaks three languages and draws his sound from a plethora of 80’s synth music. Now, APG is heating things up with his new EP, ‘A Touch of Fire.’ Off the EP, the single “Nothing More to Say” is a great way to get acquainted with this talented Finnish artist.

“Nothing More To Say” opens with an intro composed of 32 bars of light piano chords played to mid-tempo eighth-notes. The mix throws in a bit of funky bass while a longer synth lines hovers in the upper register. Half way through the introduction, drums come in.The arrangement immediately grooves. APG enters the mix singing, “Sometimes I dream but I don't know what those dreams are for. I let them in because my mind has an open door.” Lyrically, he paints the emotions of the story well with good imagery. With lyrics that are easy to connect with, ”Nothing More To Say” is about a relationship that has come to a cross-roads. It’s about fixing the broken pieces. ”What’s that you’re saying? Are we both tired of this game?”

APG delivers these lyrics with a voice that is in a radio-ready tenor range and a good match for pop music. During the chorus, he doubles up the lead vocals to bring out the catchy and memorable melody. The musical landscape continues to build through the verses and into the catchy chorus.Throughout the mix, there are splashes of synth solos, fills and textures that keep the song engaging. APG does a great job creating new music based on the days when 80’s synth pop filled mainstream radio. His music is familiar and new at the same time leaping generations of sound. “Nothing More to Say” has universal appeal with a well-composed and dance-able pop-rock mix and easy-to-connect-with vocals that deliver a song about the struggles to fix a broken relationship.

APG's 'A Touch of Fire' is available on all major digital outlets.

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