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Juliana Schnee - 'Blue'

From Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 22-year old Juliana Schnee is a retro-jazz singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who offers a beautiful and accessible vocal style and a song-writing catalog that harkens back to the era of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Self-taught on piano and ukulele, Juliana has been writing songs since she was eleven years old. She release her first album, “Dance in the Rain” as age sixteen. A multiple competition and award winner, she co-wrote the hit single "Diamonds" with Jimmy Needham in 2015. Currently, Juliana has released a new single titled "Blue" off her anticipated EP, 'VANITY.' The acoustic version of “Blue” has already hit #1 on the FAB Chart in England where she was runner-up for Artists of the Year, right behind Connie Talbot and it’s easy to hear why. With a gentle roll of a piano chord and orchestrated strings, “Blue” opens with a smooth and warm sound that is instantly inviting. Juliana Schnee enters singing, “Blue, why so blue?” sweeping listeners away to a time when crooners could melt your troubles with their songs and carry you away. Julianna’s voice amalgamates this level of depth and feeling. She sings with a legato-style taking time to nurture each phrase. In addition, her tone is warm and clear and her articulation is perfect. The song “Blue” has a gorgeous arrangement with elements of jazz, blues and old-school pop. A lovely violin solo pulls the heartstrings.

Please take a moment to listen to "Blue":

“Blue” is an inspirational song. It speaks about letting go of pain and embracing the present. “Cause broken-hearted people. Hold onto their pain. And feel the rain still pouring. When the clouds go away You’ve got to let the light in.” Juliana made a video about the song where she shares how the lyrics poured out of her. It is as thought the song came to her as a gift that had to be shared. "Blue" is about the kind of pain that is more than passing; it is about a pain that is always there, but perhaps doesn't have to be if the light is let in. Ultimately, it is about surrendering and letting go.

The video below explains the inspiration behind"Blue".

What Juliana has captured in “Blue” is universal. There are two great accomplishments in “Blue.” The first is musical. The song has a gorgeous track that is well orchestrated and arranged. Juliana’s heart-felt vocal performance is beautiful, convincing and authentic. The second accomplishment, which is far harder to achieve, is that "Blue" is healing. When music can help you look within and ultimately lead you to a better place, that is a true triumph. I believe this was Juliana's goal and she achieve's it with all the musical colors of "Blue."

For more information about Juliana Snee, please visit her website.

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