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Jennifer Porter - "These Years"

Jennifer Porter is an award-winning musician, actor and screenwriter. She has sung with the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra. As an accomplished blues pianist, she has played with C.J. Chenier, Nathan and The Zydeco Cha-Chas, and Ils Sont Partis. She has been heard on jazz radio including KJAZZ in Los Angeles, WWOZ in New Orleans and Public Radio International’s Jazz After Hours. No stranger to awards, Jennifer has received many accolades for her work including: a nomination for a 2015 Independent Music Award in the “Jazz with Vocals” category; The Accolade Competition (Award of Merit for Acting and Original Score), a Gold Prestige Awards for Acting and a Silver Prestige Award for Original Screenplay. Jennifer starred in, and composed and performed the film score for BALLAD OF IDA AND DOOB (1999) and wrote, starred in, and composed and performed the film scores for the critically acclaimed MR. BARRINGTON (2003) now available in several languages, and the multiple award-winning 40 WEST (2011). To date, Jennifer has recorded 7 albums. Her latest release “These Years” consists of five original songs by Jennifer and five covers of songs by The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and Bobby Sharp. The title track is just one of many great performances..

Putting yourself out there and revealing who you are when you are most vulnerable is an act of courage. Doing it with grace, tenderness and artistic integrity is a triumph. Jennifer Porter’s “These Years” achieves both. “These Years” is a song about taking stock of how you treated a person you love and being honest with yourself. “He smiles, and my heart breaks. How could I ever have caused him pain?” After taking stock, if you realize that you have regrets and were not as kind as you should have been, then you vow to make changes and do better. “Oh time help me find a way to be forgiving. For these years have been unkind.” In its’ essence, “These Years”, is Jennifer’s absolution; regret turned to self- forgiveness turned to love. It is introspective, honest and compelling.

So how does one communicate and share the complexity of emotions in “These Years”? For Jennifer Porter, it is through vocal and song-writing refinement. Jennifer's vocals capture complex feelings in a way that moves emotional mountains. In “These Years,” her voice is soothing and beautiful as if she is caressing each word with such a tenderness that I would be surprised if listeners did not get a lump in their throat and tears in their eyes. Jennifer knows that achieving this is not about belting it out, but about self-awareness as a singer because it comes from within and from excellent vocal technique and experience. Communicating musically with great technique and turning that technique into something emotionally powerful yet subdued, refined and restrained is art. Jennifer’s jazz-tinged R&B vocals are truly stellar. She is an artist.

In addition to her powerful vocal delivery, the musicianship on “These Years” deserves recognition. “These Years” was produced by the legendary Jay Newland. The musicians on the song include John Deley - keyboards; Adam Levy - guitar; Ira Coleman - bass; Tony Mason - drums; Dennis and Sharon Collins - backing vocals and Andy Snitzer on Saxophone. The fine musicians on this song know how to create a groove, make an instrument weep and support a singer of Jennifer’s caliber.

“These Years” is just one of the amazing songs that can move mountains on Jennifer Porter's stand-out new CD. To learn more about Jennifer Porter, please visit her website.

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