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  • Bryon Harris

Talia Perez and Sunlit Souls - 'Lights So Bright'

From “The Xfactor" to the National Anthem for UCLA vs. USC to Berklee College of Music, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Talia Perez has been winning over fans since the age of 11. It all started at the age of 2 when she began singing. By her early teens, she was playing piano. And by the young age of 18, she released a debut single. A few summers into the future, Talia met band-mates Tomas and Jeff of Sunlit Souls. The three talented artists have collaborated on a new single "Lights So Bright." Their interconnection combines Talia’s rich background in the EDM/pop laced with soul and jazz and Sunlit Souls’ soulful acoustic-folk sound.

“Lights So Bright” opens with a greeting of clean jazzy acoustic guitars. Tomas and Jeff lay down a rhythmic groove giving the song an immediate upbeat mood while keeping things harmonically interesting. The guitar work has some nice hand slapping percussive effects interspersed with engaging melodic riffs and fills. Mid-way through, a wonderful guitar solo warms up the track.

Talia commences the song on the chorus which she sings twice. It is extremely contagious, the kind of contagious you want to catch. “Lights so bright. What a sight. Won’t you stay with me?” The answer to that question is "yes." From the moment Talia starts singing, you will want to stay with her to the end of the song. Her voice is mesmerizing: smooth and soulful, spellbinding. She is at once a pop singer, a jazz singer and a R & B singer melting genres into a tone that has universal appeal; fans of all three will love her sound. Backing vocal harmonies by Sunlit Souls adds great flavor. The trio sound great together.

“Lights So Bright” is essentially a love song that describes the moment when sparks fly. “I saw you walking by and I thought oh my. We should get to know each other.” The lyrics are also about letting your guard down and dropping the walls to see where those sparks take you. How wonderful is it that Talia and Sunlit Souls have also dropped the walls of genres to create a fantastically fresh and truly authentic sound? When artists collaborate, it doesn’t matter what the genres are because like the story of the song tells us, sometimes sparks fly from the first encounter. Letting the walls of genres drop, the collaboration of Talia Perez and Sunlit Souls create a fire in "Lights So Bright."

For more information, please visit Talia Perez's website.

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