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  • Bryon Harris

Crazy P - "Picture Me Rollin'

From the age of 6, Crazy Peppsta who goes by "Crazy P" has been listening to West-coast and Old-School/G-funk rap. Wanting a path out, he focused on a career to hip hop combining his respect for old-school with the messages he heard and lived as a kid, wanting to carry on the music that spoke to him. With a 90’s rap aesthetic running through his veins, Crazy P credits the underlying and guiding force of his life and work to Tupac. Crazy P' latest single, “Picture me Rollin” shows that he can continue what was started, bringing past influences into the future industry while creating his own voice.

“Picture Me Rollin” is a ride that Crazy P knows how to drive. The snyths leap out from the start creating a mellow pulse. The harmonic structure is complimented by electronic drums for a smooth floor. The percussive attack joins up well with the rap and electric guitar lines weave their way for an old-school vibe that sets the tone.

Crazy P’s vocals are well rendered by the production style cutting above the mix with ease. His spin is spot- on Westcoast. He has no tolerance for fake players. He is rapping from a place he knows well and some people might not get it, but they will get it if they know where he's coming from - “motherfucker yeah we straight from the hood.” Setting the stage in the beginning, Crazy P is direct. “I got no love for the fake players.” In the first verse, he sees the road ahead and invites skeptics to see it as well. “Picture me rollin in my 500 Benz.” He has the ride and he has the cash. This hook is material to crank and it nets the listener’s attention.

But a closer listen garnishes more than cars and cash. On it's sub-conscious level it's political: Guantanamo Bay, police profiling and the CIA. And it's from the streets: " yeah so go out and hustle but don't you blow the whistle cause else you'll see motherfuckers pick up they pistol. And it's social justice: "All the racists they out here yeah they judging us well fuck them cuz they aint ridin with us."

Crazy P set out to carry forth the old school way while creating his own message and he has achieved that in both music and meaning. There's more to come from Crazy P and true fans of G-funk and Westcoast Rap will be waiting.

For more information on Crazy P, check out Soundcloud.

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