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Travis Marsh - "Happiness"

Travis Marsh is an LA native singer-songwriter who embraces music that undefined by genre. He prefers not to put his music into labels or boxes. While being grounded in the musical landscape of Southern California, Travis dives into an eclectic musical world that is filled with unique ideas, sounds and concepts blurring the boundaries of folk, rock and pop. Travis’ interest in diverse musical genres stems from his childhood. After getting a guitar for Christmas at the young age of 10, Travis began to explore music and song-writing. Over the years, his journey and experiences led him to the place he is today, releasing and sharing his music worldwide.

Hi latest single, “Happiness” proves that coloring outside the lines does in fact create interesting and meaningful art. The song opens with an ambient electronic landscape setting a mellow and introspective mood. The ambiance soon makes room for piano chords played slowly with conviction. Travis enters singing “The ties that bind, the human from the mind, the inner child from the pain, the needle from the vein." His lyrics pack a punch and his vocal delivery is strong. With an emotive, beautiful tone he sings with intensity giving each poetic word its due moment.

"Happiness" builds in energy as the mix grows into a dense and diverse sonic palette filled with electronic and organic elements. The beat also picks up giving the song a newfound energy leading to the catchy chorus. “It starts inside of me…happiness. It starts inside of me.” This is an exuberant moment in the song. The full arrangement arrives front and center offering an eclectic mix fused with pop, rock, electronica and a lot of guts.

Please take a moment to view the mesmerizing video of "Happiness"

“Happiness” is universal. It is about turning despair into hope and about being lost then finding self-awareness. Ultimately Travis paints this transition in the song’s composition bringing the listener from a contemplative place to a place that has endless possibilities. Like the song, Travis gives us happiness – by creating music that shows us the endless possibilities of the creative soul.

To learn more about Travis Marsh, please visit his website.

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