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  • Bryon Harris

Joaquin Torres – ‘Desnudame’

Joaquin Torres, Latin pop singer/songwriter out of San Fransisco, oozes sex appeal in his latest single, “Desnudame.” The song reached #37 on the BDS/Billboard Top 40 Indicator Chart and #32 on the Mediabase Top 40 Chart. After listening to the track, it is easy to see why listeners are in love with the sound.

“Desnudame” features a huge produced sound with Latin inspired percussion and instrumental melodies. Ambient synths pulse with the drums imbedding the rhythm into your mind and body making you want to sway the music. The first thing to catch your ear are the swift Latin guitar flourishes paired with Joaquin’s vocals, a duo that immediately entices listeners with a polished sound.

In “Desnudame” Joaquin unleashes fiery emotion in his voice through his expressive timbre as he sings through passionate lyrics of deep love. Poetically, Joaquin sings, “I’ve been waiting for you all my life/I just want to make you be my wife/Never met a girl that takes me higher than you/I’m the Sun and you’re my Moon,” striking at the heart strings of listeners with his words. Joaquin delivers a truly mesmerizing experience from start to finish through engaging, dynamic progression that brings listeners on an energetic ride.

Make sure to catch the music video below!

Joaquin started his career as a prominent Latin American TV actor with a strong passion for music. Behind the scenes he was always learning to play instruments or writing poems to put to music. Joaquin decided he needed to follow his heart and is dedicating his career to his own music that deals with spirituality, heartache, and existential angst. For more information on Joaquin be sure to visit his website.

Joaquin will be performing live today at The Mint for Hunnypot Live Event so if you’re around don’t miss your chance to enjoy the music, it is free to get into the show!

Joaquin Torres

The Mint

Los Angeles, CA

Monday October 15th

Featured Performance at 8:45pm

Hunnypot Live Event

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