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  • Bryon Harris

The Silent State (Self-titled Album)

The Silent State is an Art-Rock group that came together from different corners of the world. Spawning from a collective called 3how, a strong connection was built from members, Wilson, Amith, Justin and Kala Charan, who wanted to take this experience even further. What started as an experimentation of various music styles and a desire to jam, became a tight-knit group of musicians focused on making the most out of their lives in music, thus The Silent State was born. Their self-titled album recorded between Chennai, India and Singapore over a period of 2 years solidified the groups unbreakable bond and delivered us great music.

The album opens with the track “Our Endless Now (Part I & II).” The song begins with a sample of dialog talking about all of the turmoil the world is going through setting a gloomy mood as a melodic guitar line enters. At the end of the dialog, the arrangement picks up switching to a memorable guitar riff with accents of piano joining in creating pleasing syncopation. The first part of “Our Endless Now” has a lulling vibe whereas we transition into Part II, the band changes up to an up tempo funky, electric groove. This song makes for an exciting start to the album showcasing a variety of influence and talents of the band.

“A Cautionary Tale” will immediately send shivers up your spine as it swoons you with gorgeous vocal melodies that shine through soft accompaniment. During the chorus, the arrangement expands to an ensemble of bowed strings and acoustic guitar that blend perfectly with the rich vocal tone as he sings, “we’re just their cautionary tale/a parallel world they just can't understand/like peacock feathers on a cowboy hat/we stick out in all the wrong dimensions.” This beautiful ballad is not a song you’ll want to miss!

In their song “Here and Now” adapt a rocking vibe. Killer drums are met by layers of guitar and bass that set a groove with a more raw feel then from the previous tracks. As they enter the chorus the arrangement is bolstered with harmonic strings that give the group a distinct sound a flair.

The sixth track off the album “Blunt Knife” tells a love story that anybody will be able to relate to. Leading with acoustic guitar accompanied by subtle electric piano, the vocals enter and are met by graceful harmonies that will immediately catch your ear. The pairing poetic verses with a repetitive memorable chorus makes for a enveloping music experience that will leave a strong impact on listeners.

The album wraps up with “The Anarchist’s Raga.” This tune is surely a unique treat using influence of Indian classical music and adding wicked electric guitar lines amidst entrancing wind instruments. With a dramatic build from start to finish, the addition of heavy, harmonic vocals make for an enthralling arrangement and gripping end to the album.

With their self-titled album, The Silent State show that they are an elite group of creative music minds with the ability to take wild ideas and form them into a cohesive, illustrious song that will make you fall in love with their sound. Their music is available on CD Baby so make sure to give a listen. For more information on the band, check out their website!

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