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  • Bryon Harris

PV & The HeheheeeY’s - Eye Say II

PV & The HeheheeeY’s are an Indie Pop/Rock band out of Bergen, Norway. Although they are primarily a studio band, the group found their way onto the stage after their debut, ‘Create Your Lover.’ They have performed several concerts in Norway as well as in the U.S. alongside Grammy Award winning blues guitarist Paul Nelson (Johnny Winters Band). Currently, the band features PV Staff (vocals/guitar), Iver Sandøy (drums), Moren Arnetvedt (bass), and Erland Eidsvik (keyboards). Recently they have released their second project, a brand-new EP Eye Say II. This is the second release in a collection of four.

The first song of the EP, “Ruin,” kicks the album off with an addictive synth melody soon joined a bouncy arrangement of bass, guitar, and drums creating an uplifting mood. Not before long, PV’s expressive vocals enter catching your ear with dramatic vocal slides and a killer rasp-tinged tone that you will fall in love with.

Following up with their song, “A Craving For Leather,” keeping up the same energy from “Ruin” but this time delivering a more rock inspired sound taking the lead instrumental melodies away from synths and driving the arrangement with killer electric guitar solos and riveting piano lines. Once again, PV & The HeheheeY’s don’t disappoint showcasing excellent songwriting skills in the vocal department with unforgettable lines and lyrics that come together with the instrumental arrangement to craft a sound that is signature to the group. This song alone will give listeners a reason to come back to PV & The HeheheeeY’s again and again.

The next track off the album kicks things off with pumping acoustic guitar that is slowly built upon with additional percussion, then not before long the full arrangement enters washing over the acoustic strumming. Transitioning into the chorus, the band breaks into wavy instrumental lines as PV sings “Now I’m shooting out beams in your direction/Come on let me down so sweet” gliding into his falsetto as he shows off his vocal prowess.

“Dizzy On The Edge Of The World” strays away from the pop influences making it a track that really stands out on the album. Its intricate bassy leads and lower centered vocals give the song a heavier rock vibe that will get your blood pumping. Being the shortest song off the EP this song adds a nice contrast and works as a nice transition to the final track of the EP “Let Me Take You Home.”

“Let Me Take You Home” is a solid power-pop/rock ballad that makes for a perfect ending to the EP with a lower tempo to wind the energy down and sweet melodies that are sure to leave a lasting impression. The first verse is a duet between acoustic guitar and voice which gives off a raw personal feel before the full arrangement enters on the chorus. Singing, “And now they´re all gone/Let me take you home/We´re all done/Let me take you home/And you´re blacked out/The devil owns your soul/So come on, now/Let me take you home,” PV & The HeheheeeY’s will forever be in your memory as a stellar Indie Pop/Rock group.

With their second release, Eye Say II, in the collection of four, PV & The HeheheeeY’s deliver a energetic, cohesive album where each song delivers just as much excitement as the last. Their music is available for fans via their page on CDbaby. Make sure to keep up with all the latest on the band by liking and following their Facebook page!

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