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  • Bryon Harris

Timothy Bridges – ‘Dannyboy’

Timothy Bridges is a talented Indie Pop/Rock artist out of Sweden making his debut as a solo artist. Previously, Timothy played in a band called “The Happy Hippo Family” that split up after 10 years together. Together they released several albums and toured Japan, England, and Sweden. Timothy draws his inspiration from Indie British bands like ‘The Wombats,’ ‘The Libertines,’ and ‘The View.’ His recently came out with his first solo single, “Dannyboy,” drawing inspiration from Mac Demarco.

Check out the music video for the tune below!

Jumping right in, distorted guitar accompanied by pulsing drums accompany Timothy as he sings, “What did they do? What did they do? What did they do to you Daniel?” Gradually building, bass enters the arrangement and the drum beat switches up as Timothy grabs your attention with addictive melodies making you hooked on the tune right from the first verse. Transitioning into the bridge, subtle vocal harmonies catch your ear as they lead into the chorus.

“Dannyboy” was inspired by a close friend that always had the tendency of getting into strange situations. With a huge build up, Timothy sings “Oh Danny, Danny, Go Dannyboy” in a high energy arrangement delivering a killer pop rock experience that anybody could get behind. After the second chorus, the instrumentals break into a new groove for a captivating middle 8 showcasing Timothy’s knack for songwriting as he truly engages listeners from the start of the song to the finish, making each section as memorable as another.

Timothy Bridges is making a strong start to his solo career with ‘Dannyboy.’ The infectious pop-rock instrumentals accompanied by unforgettable vocal melodies make for a stellar tune you’ll want to play again and again. You can find his song iTunes as well as Spotify. To keep up with the latest news on his music, make sure to like and follow his Facebook Page!

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