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  • Bryon Harris

Tony Gee – 'Bloom Full'

Tony Gee is an independent recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician, recording engineer, and producer based out of Spring, TX. Tony learned to utilize the luxury of modern recording technology to start projects at home, collaborating with the best talent in the area to release high quality, self-funded, 100% independent records. He has three albums under his belt, “Golden Spotted Midnight Sky” (2014), “It’s Time” (2016), and his most recent release “Bloom Full,” which came this year. Tony teamed up again with Ron Flynt (20/20) at Jumping Dog Studio in Austin, TX. They were joined by musicians Whit Williams (Cotton Mather), Ray Rodriguez (The Mystiqueros), Matt Giles (The Drakes), Tina Mitchell Wilkins, Zac Wilkerson, & Sam Howden for this exciting album.

'Bloom Full' starts off with the uplifting energy of their song “Light Heavyweight.” With an engaging arrangement of guitars, bass, drums, and keys, the mix boast a clean sound showcasing the nuances of each instrumental part. In combination with the catchy vocal melodies and engaging story, this tune about a woman who will drink you under the table makes for a fun start to the album.

Following, the light, bouncy melodies of “Miss You Like Crazy” are sure to stick with you. Tony paints clear images with his lyrics making it easy for listeners to visualize and connect with the stories he tells. Singing, “I played it live from my living room on the big brown chair/I mailed it out on Saturday I hope it there/ Oh I, miss you like crazy,” Tony pairs his descriptive lyrics with energetic pop melodies that make a memorable music experience for his listeners.

Moving on, “Just About to Know Her” adds a nice change of pace. Showcasing a softer more legato vocal line accompanied by steady grooving pop rock instrumental. The soothing melodies pair perfectly with Tony’s bright vocals, especially when backed by the occasional vocal harmonies. Followed up by “Without You,” Tony continues the slower tempo trend however, adds a soulful tinge that listeners will love. “Without You” adds a dynamic vibe to the album making it an unforgettable addition to the line-up.

These tracks just simply give a taste of the top-notch engineering and musicianship of the album. Tony Gee proves that he can produce music that equally reviles that of the pros and can do it 100% on his own. The full album features 14 tracks for you to fall in love with. For more information on Tony and his music, visit his website.

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