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  • Bryon Harris

Isolated Ave – Contact “EP”

Isolated Ave is an Indie Rock group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The band features Chris Eckert (vocals/guitar), Matthew Pomichowski (drums), Matthew Shapiro (bass), and Dylan Garcia (guitar/vocals). This solid group of talented musicians deliver a catalog of music in different styles, genres, and moods with their EP Contact.

The EP starts off with their song “Monotony” opening with an entrancing soundscape set by ambient synth strings accompanied by a fluid guitar riff. The relaxing atmosphere created by the accompaniment is enhanced by the entrance of the vocals and their subtle harmonies. Not before long, The relaxing atmosphere shifts into an energetic jam with crunchy guitar and slamming drums and Chris unleashes a more gritty part of his voice. “Monotony” makes for an enticing start to the EP showcasing a dynamic range of talents from the artist.

Drawing upon different influences, their next song, “Hurricane,” is definitely a song you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. From the vocals enter saying “Every word you said to me was a mutha fuckin’ lie,” you are instantly engaged by the harshness of the lyrics and smooth, rock timbre of the vocals combining with the instrumentals. Singing, “This hurricane won’t bring me down,” Isolated Ave create an unforgettable music experience combining addictive instrumental arrangements and unforgettable vocal melodies.

Check out their killer music video for the song here!

“Window” makes for a great follow up with heavy, rocking grooves and wavy licks. This song is yet another testimony to how not only the band can play in many diverse styles, but create a captivating, memorable tune from each genre they pull inspiration from. That being said, Isolated Ave have no problem making a catchy pop-rock inspired tune and prove it with their song “In My Head.” This radio-ready jam is a tune that anybody can rock to and won’t be able to help but to sing along.

Wrapping up, the EP ends with the upbeat, hard-rocking, head-banger that is “Human Punchline.” The invigorating, rhythmic verses lead into smooth, melodic choruses and harmonic vocal sections with minimal accompaniment transition into ripping guitar solos making for an exciting musical experience from start to finish and a great conclusion to the album.

Much like the final track, the Contact EP takes an eclectic mix of musical inspirations and moods and blends them together to create an exciting musical experience from the first track to the last. Make sure to check out their tracks on iTunes and Bandcamp and keep up with their latest news by following their Facebook page!

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