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  • Bryon Harris

The Counterfeit Bills - 'Average'

The Counterfeit Bills are an Alt-Rock group out of Mahomet, Illinois. It all started when band member Colton Dillavou started work on a solo album after taking classes on music production and engineering. He contributed the bass and guitar parts, as well as wrote, recorded, produced and helped master the album. Soon, he called on the help of friends Ian Clemmons (drums) and Kyle Plue (vocals and guitar) to help put the finishing touches on the tracks. After enjoying the process of working together, the three decided to form the band and The Counterfeit Bills were born. Their most recent project, Average, features eight tracks to introduce you to their sound.

Average delivers a plethora of exciting alternative tunes that draw influences from all different places. One of the first tunes off the album, “No Connection,” kicks things off with a captivating bass line blended with rhythmic guitar that sets a killer groove. The laid-back vocals add a rhythmic pulse with slight melodies allowing listeners to keep attention on the moving instrumentals of the piece. This differs from the following song “Mathew McConaughey” which boasts memorable vocal melodies and more stable instrumental accompaniment making for a tune that is sure to stick with you.

Showcasing a diverse style, their song “I Don’t Want to Drink Pickle Juice Forever” takes on a slight surf rock vibe while maintaining the more rocking roots you hear in their other tracks. With an unforgettable transition towards the end of the song, a wailing guitar riff accompanied by amped vocals seamlessly drop into an entrancing arrangement of soft bouncy vocals and light accompaniment adding to the reasons why this song is a must hear from the album.

Continuing to showcase their eclectic style, the next song “Walk” delivers roots influenced vocals backed by rocking instrumentals. This tune holds a special place as it stands out with a unique style on the album.

Wrapping up the album, they end with the song “Number 11.” This song a catchy guitar riff soon joined by drums and bass in an energetic arrangement creating a memorable experience for the end of the album. The Counterfeit Bills show off their signature sound between memorable riffs and rhythmic vocals.

Overall, Average delivers a musical experience that is far beyond average. Their eclectic line up is sure to keep you engaged from beginning to end making sure there’s a song everyone will love! The album is available for fans via Bandcamp and Spotify. To keep up with the band, make sure to visit their page on Facebook.

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