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  • Bryon Harris

Tepoe Nash – Mr. Nashville Man

Tepoe Nash is an innovative multi-instrumentalist who plays in multiple genres to create his own style and sound. He started his musical journey on guitar and found a passion for drums early on. Since, he has expanded his experimentation to many other instruments, even dabbling in creating his own instruments. Though he loves creating everything on his own, on occasion he brings in help of studio musicians to bolster his sound. Recently, he was able to team with Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy, making contributions to a few of his songs. Tepoe’s song “Mr. Nashville Man” is a stellar showcase of his talent you won’t want to miss out on.

Leading in with a pick up from guitar, the song kicks off with a twangy, soothing instrumental intro digging in at your country roots. With a lush, warm mix, each instrument has an indulgent tone quality showcasing Tepoe’s passion for creating quality music. As he makes his first vocal entrance singing, “Hey there Mr. Nashville Man can you play a country song/ Come on Mr. Nashville Man I need to hear a country song/ I’ve been hurtin’ way to long,” the well-balanced harmonies and smooth melodies will win over any roots fan.

“Mr. Nashville Man” was inspired by a statement made one night at one of Tepoe’s shows. After playing a few songs, he heard someone in the audience shout, “Does anyone still play country music?” Although at the time Tepoe was mostly playing rock music, he carried a love for country and it influenced many of his songs, so he felt that he understood what the person was saying. A few days later while playing around on his guitar, this song came to him. With the help of Wayne Moss and Charlie McCoy, Tepoe was able to impeccably deliver a sound that was reminiscent of roots country.

“Mr. Nashville Man” is a prime example of great country record from the writing, to the playing, recording, and mixing, Tepoe Nash is a musician you’ll want to keep an ear on. He is currently creating and releasing new music in several genres and his big aspirations for his future. His music can be purchased or streamed on most all major platforms like, CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon Music, IHeart Radio, YouTube Music, Deezer, KKBox, and Yandex. For more information on Tepoe, visit his website!

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