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  • Bryon Harris

Brett Vogel - 'Superwoman Sway'

Currently working out of L.A., Brett Vogel is a prolific singer-songwriter, producer and multi- instrumentalist with a knack for putting out hit tunes. He has released two full length albums, a deluxe album and 9 singles to date. Brett is also somewhat of a true Renaissance man having studied finance, music, French and Spanish with a never-ending quest for knowledge and growth. Vogel’s single “Can’t Stop Now”, produced by Grammy winner Philip Larsen (Kylie Minogue), has over 40,000 streams on Spotify. For the first remix, Vogel enlisted “Manhattan Clique” (Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Timbaland, Nicole Scherzinger, La Roux, Britney Spears, The Veronicas, The Saturdays, Keri Hilson, Esmee Denters and Toni Braxton) . An additional remix of “Can’t Stop Now” (Alpha Owl remix) was released in July featuring singer/artist “Mickey Shiloh”(Janet Jackson, Iggy Azalea, Pitbull, LL Cool J). Vogel’s successful single “Burn For You” (also produced by Larsen) skyrocketed on Spotifiy with 50,000 spins.

Vogel and Larsen have teamed up again for Vogel’s newest single “Superwoman Sway” released July 20th, 2018. “Superwoman Sway” will include a Manhattan Clique remix along with an extended version. Both versions of “Superwoman Sway” will be officially released in August, 2018. You only have to listen once to know that Vogel's latest single is a hit.

“Superwoman Sway” opens with a slightly Island-fused beat created by light acoustic chords played on the upbeat capturing a nice reggae-dance vibe that you can move to. The music quickly fills out with light electronic ambience, percussive sounds and bass. It’s a fun jam right from the start with a highly contagious groove. The brilliant production work on this track is clean, bright and tight yet sways effortlessly like a summer breeze. To record music that grooves and sways so naturally, yet allows every sound to come through crisply showcases the talent of these two producers. The song is inviting and fun. You will find yourself dancing, smiling and living in the moment. Brett enters singing, “There you go being you again. Could I have it any better?”. His vocal tone is pop-perfect. Brett is blessed with a radio-ready voice that can stand side by side any singer on the charts today. The chorus of “Superwoman Sway” arrives with a nice build from the pre-chorus. There’s no big, huge pop anthem here. Instead, the music unfolds naturally the way a good reggae-dance song should, allowing each phrase to breathe and sing with accentuated rhythms that pop in their own sweet time. The effect is infectious. "Every little thing you do is so so you /I couldn't have it any better no / Every little thing you do is so so you / I couldn't have it any better. This is a song about the lighter side of love and it will make you smile and feel happy.

“Superwoman Sway” is the pop-dance song you’ve been waiting for. It’s not too sticky or sweet; it’s cool and breezy and fun, just right for the summer. With hints of reggae to keep it swaying like an Island breeze, it jams like a radio hit with pop-perfect vocals that are ready for the big league.

Please visit Brett on Spotify!

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