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  • Bryon Harris

SAYA - 'Don't Close Your Eyes'

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, SAYA is a dynamic sought after female singer and performer. She has teamed up with composer/producer John Bentley to create unique Electronic Dance Music influenced by 70’s disco, 80’s synths and 90’s dance vocals. SAYA brings all these decades into the present day with the combination of organic and electronic elements, soulful vocals and energizing beats. Classically trained, SAYA has collaborated with international acts such as Katia Cadet and performed in top venues including the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto for the 16th anniversary of “Honey Jam” hosted by MuchMusic. Learning piano from Eddy Pierre Jasmin, Saya has also played keys for Debbie Tebbs at Olympia de Montreal and Club Soda. Duo partner John Bentley studied sound design and studio recording honing his talent in integrating electronic beats with organic instruments like guitar, bass, piano, drums and more. The duo heads up Restless City Records and their latest single and music video “Don't Close Your Eyes” is a fantastic amalgamation of their talents.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” opens with the sounds of a city street. You can faintly hear cars zooming by, breaks squeaking and horns beeping in the distance. Underneath the urban landscape, you can feel a deep resonating vibration coming. Suddenly, rapid sixteenth percussive beats commence. The sound is hollow and melodic as it swirls upwards and builds. The beat develops adding more syncopated synth elements. An incredible dance groove is established. It’s mesmerizing. A simple synth melody is played on the keys above the busy beats. A full jam is achieved and it’s enthralling.

SAYA enters singing, “Look further behind the silhouette. Dig deeper as far as you can get.” Her alto vocal tone is clear and pure. SAYA sings each note to its full potential never letting go of the energy of the melodic line – She is a singer who owns every single syllable and every moment. As the chorus unfolds, the music backs off just enough to give SAYA the floor and she takes it yielding a passionate vocal performance that has soul and fire. “Keep the connection don't close your eyes. Let it seep in don't close your eyes.” Bentley changes up the textures between chorus and verse with some funky keyboard that sounds improvisational and conversational, returning to the jam after a few bars. Towards the end of the song there is a bass interlude deep enough to get under your skin.

You won’t be able to keep your eyes off SAYA in the video presented by Marina Motion Pictures and EJT Studio. The connection between her and Bentley is real as they invite you into their creative process for an intimate viewing. The duo brought friends into the video as well, showing appreciation for the support they receive. Check it out below.

“Don’t Close Your Eyes” is brilliantly done both musically and vocally. The electronic composition gets it right, creating a dance groove with engaging rhythms, textures and sororities while never over doing it which is a true sign of artistry. The sound is captivating, creating the perfect dance track for Saya’s pure vocal tone and expressive performance. “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is so much more than a great electronic dance song because it is also has a powerful message. The message is about connection and staying in the moment in order to see the magic around you. It’s about a world that goes beyond the flesh. And what better way to stay in the moment and feel connected then to lose yourself in amazing electronic music.

For more information about SAYA, please visit her website.

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