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  • Bryon Harris

Brena The Producer - CatWalk

Hailing from Chesapeake, Va, Sabrina Aisha Rogers aka "Brena The Producer" is doing it all. She’s an entrepreneur, music producer, songwriter and recording artist. Just a ­handful of women -- including Janet Jackson, Paula Cole, Sheryl Crow, Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey, and Lisa Coleman and Wendy Melvoin from Prince's band The Revolution -- have been nominated for Grammy's for ­producing their own music. During the last decade, only two women, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, have landed on Billboard's year-end Top Producers chart, for their own songs. So it is with great enthusiasm that the indie music scene celebrates Brena The Producer.

Brena The Producers's incredible journey started in the U.S. Army where she was stationed in Kuwait. It was there that she taught herself how to write and produce music. The army gave her tenacity as well as a diverse, worldwide cultural experience to grow upon. In addition to the army, she attended the Strayer University for Business and the LA Film School. Today, Brena The Producer is no longer wearing her combat boots. Instead, she is fully immersed in the entertainment industry using her experience and education to create her own brand called “DreamBuildCreate.” Brena The Producer is inspired by God and her Country and she takes that inspiration to create great music combining elements of pop, hip hop and R & B. Her new single “Catwalk” proves that this Producer is going places.

Catwalk commences with a melodic synth line over singular piano chords. A few hollow beats tap in announcing the full jam is going on. Catwalk has a great groove. The song opens with lines from the chorus, “When you world sees her eyes, she’s surprised, so she swirls” followed by the first verse, “Up early mornings, at the crack of dawn and focused to her dreams…” The track has a nice syncopation grind to it which makes it easy to move to. The melodies are highly memorable as the tune sticks with you. Throughout the track, the melody is played in different registers adding sonic variation to the mix. Brena The Producer’s rap is alto rich yet clear with a laid-back vibe for easy listening.

Please take a minute to check out the hot video of Catwalk complete with a gorgeous model who commands the screen:

Catwalk is not necessarily about being a model walking a straight line in designer clothes. It is so much more. Technically speaking, a Catwalk is a narrow path or a bridge in which art is put high on display for everyone to check-out, an exhibition of ones' creation and talents brought to life. The song “Catwalk” is about one woman, Brena The Producer”, who is walking on this narrow path (the music industry as a female producer) with a great track for all to check-out. Brena The Producer has the strength, the experience and the passion to make her dreams come to life. Or better put, as the song says, “to blow it to the top.”

To learn more about Brena The Producer, visit her world at

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