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  • Bryon Harris

Bizness Suit - 'King'

Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina the rock band Bizness Suit boasts a 4 member lineup: Sean Barry, rhythm guitar and vocals; Hunter Moss, lead guitar; Drew Tapp on bass and Jeremy Hunton on drums. Initially formed in 2014 by Sean and Drew, the two founding members released a self-titled debut EP adding Jeremy in on the last few songs. The trio then hooked up with producer Martin Guigui in LA for their full-length album, ’Grey Sky Blues’. Guigui introduced the band to legendary guitarist Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top who recorded a lead for the band's single "Rock N' Rolla”. Following the release of ‘Grey Sky Blues’, the band recruited their final member, Hunter, on lead guitar. Currently Bizness Suit is in the midst of touring and promoting their latest album ‘King’ throughout the South East. The album ‘King” boasts 13 rock songs that remind you of what rock once was, what it’s all about and what it could be again. A few songs that caught my attention were “Gravedigger’s Hand”, “God Don’t Even Know”, “Old Road” and Peaches n’ Cream”.

“Gravediggers Hands” is a high-energy song that showcases the bands ability to develop rock material into engaging arrangements. Throughout the song there is a remarkable weaving of motifs on the lead guitar and bass. The lyrics sound a warning about a guy who “knows how to hurt.” The band shines in their ability to cut lose and solo then come together tightly as one unit for a performance that feels live yet is thoughtfully developed and recorded.

“God Don’t Even Know” is another gem. It opens with Sean belting out “So Just Forget it.” Sean's dynamic vocals have a nice punch. Later in the song when he sings the line “Hot-diggity-dam”, he seals the deal on his lead singer acumen and appeal with a highly convincing performance that hits all the right notes and emotions with a blues edge that has attitude to spare. The chorus to “God Don’t Even Know” is very memorable. This song is about highs and lows, being out of sort and the idea that sometimes God doesn’t even know what you’ve been through. Highlights include crisp lead guitar and a tight rhythm section, bass and drums that establish a great rock groove.

“Old Road” is a killer rock song.“If God willing and the creek don't rise, it'll all blow over, it'll be all right.” Sean Barry’s voice was made for rock-n-roll as it resonates with just the right amount of soul and edginess. After Sean finishes singing the first line, the song blows wide open and the band joins in. The overall format to “Old Road” is alternative with plenty of development, tight rhythmic work and nice guitar solos to keep the content highly engaging throughout. Peaches n' Cream is one of the final and best songs on the CD. It drives along with a thick, mid-tempo bluesy deep-in-the-swamp vibe that you can lose yourself in. The tempo picks up with frenetic energy driving all the way to the end. “Life ain’t just peaches n’ cream.” The album ‘King” boasts 13 rock songs that un-apologetically rock. If you are a fan of rock, the kind that doesn’t call itself rock while it tries to shove pop or folk down your throat like a pill mashed in applesauce, then you are in for a real treat with Bizness Suit. This band is bringing rock back and they are bringing it back strong.

For more information on Bizness Suit please visit their website

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