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  • Bryon Harris

TIEG - 'The Cliffs of Moher'

TIEG is an orchestral folk band from Los Angeles fronted by singer-songwriter Tieg Johnson. Tieg is a musical prodigy - he was the youngest graduate from the Musician’s Institute at age 16. His has toured nationally with Academy Award winner Brie Larson.who featured Tieg in her MTV music video, on Sessions@AOL, and on two Nickelodeon shows “All That” and “U Pick Live.” Tieg has also worked with producer Justin Meldal-Johnson (Beck, NIN and Paramore). He often records for Grammy winning engineer Cassidy Turbin (Beck), film composer Mark Isham, director Taron Lexton and film composer Ali Helnwein. He has played guitar for major motion pictures (The Longest Ride), independent movies, television shows (Once Upon A Time, American Chopper), advertisements (Google, ABC Mouse) and recording artists (James Tillman, Fiona Grey, Wil Seabrook).

TIEG now consists of 9 classically trained musicians, each with impressive credits in the music industry. The group has so many credentials - it would be impossible to list them all. They are best described as an all-star music ensemble; the group's lineup is like the Rolls Royce of bands as these musicians are highly polished and accomplished. Their new single, “The Cliffs of Moher” is as stunning as the landscape it is named after. For those of you who may not know, The Cliffs of Moher are actual sea cliffs located in Ireland.

The "Cliffs of Moher" opens with a distant drone followed by crisp strings and Irish Bodhran drumming. The intro is absolutely riveting, drawing listeners in with stellar musicianship and a nice rhythmic pulse. Have you ever felt lucky to discover a new song or group? This is how you will feel when you listen to “The Cliffs of Moher.” The musicians present gorgeous phrasing, tight rhythmic articulations and great ensemble work . TIEG blends elements of Celtic, Folk and Classical for a landscape that sounds composed and improvised at the same time similar to the way a contemporary folk chamber group would sound. As the song develops, listeners are treated to a full, organic orchestral sound with a string quartet that rocks out Celtic style. Mid-way, a clarinet solo adds a new sonority that fits perfectly. It is so lovely. This is a group could easily play large chamber halls across the country.

If you check out this video, you can hear and see the different voices playing 'The Cliffs of Moher'

TIEG commences the first verse singing, “Where the cold wind blows and it stings with a crashing water. Every salty wave takes with it little bites of stone.” His voice is in that coveted tenor range. He is mesmerizing to listen to. One thing that stands out about “The Cliffs of Moher” is the way in which TIEG brilliantly combines an ancient-folk sound with modern poetic lyrics for a song that has a traditional and a contemporary folk appeal. Lyrically, “Cliffs of Moher” is poetic, inspirational and moving. The song describes how the things that tear us apart also make us stronger or better. He sings “so if the waves break us, well they created us too”.

With undeniably stellar musicianship, poetic and meaningful lyrics, and a composition that captures the ancient Celtic/folk soul with modern chamber style playing, TIEG has released a song that blurs the boundaries of Celtic, Folk, and Classical that will impress the well-trained ear as well as lovers of traditional folk.

For more information on TIEG, visit his Facebook page!

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