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  • Bryon Harris

Breathless - 'U and I'

Breathless is a new act on the electronic scene. Inspired by artists such as Illenium and Adventure Club, Breathless began his journey into songwriting and production two years ago. During these years he honed in his craft. Combining melody and emotion, Breathless composes music that awakens the soul. His first single, “U and I’ showcases his talent as an electronic composer and his ability to paint musical landscapes that capture beauty.

The song “U and I” opens with a slow drawn melody, melancholy and longing, played on piano over sparse chords. Breathless utilizes both organic and synthesized instrumentation to achieve a unique sound that blends elements seamlessly. A stringed instrument joins above, faint like a whisper. About half a minute in, the tempo kicks in with synth melodies moving eloquently in eighth notes. At this point, percussion has been added to the track for a nice back beat and the music is filling out nicely.

In “U and I’ the composition feels like a conversation between two people that grows more and more elaborate. The drums and bass get heavier as it moves along adding a strong bottom. The music breaths as its atmosphere expands. The landscape is full of instrumental entrances, development, and closure. The tempo picks up with sixtieth notes. Half way through, as the musical conversation builds, a large drum roll takes us into a new section that feels glorious and triumphant as if the moment has arrived. The ending comes back down with the singular melodic notes played very sweetly.

“U and I” is a musical composition that captures simplicity and complexity with beautiful melodic content that develops and breaths from intricate moments to wide open spaces. The music is quietly and grandly emotive. Breathless, in his first single “U and I’, has achieved his goal and created a composition that is truly beautiful and moving.

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To connect with Breathless, join him on Facebook at

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