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  • Bryon Harris

Jeffrey Dallet Band – 'Abnormal Oddities'

Out of Denver, Colorado, Jeffrey Dallet fronts a band called The Jeffrey Dallet Band. Combining high energy rock with lyrically driven folk, Dallet’s award winning songwriting is an enjoyable experience for all. Using his myriad of life experiences, he crafted his style of song through storytelling, social commentary, and lost love. The JDB recently released a new album titled, ‘Abnormal Oddities” featuring 8 sensational tracks that show just why you should be raving over the Jeffrey Dallet Band.

Jeffrey kicks off the album with his song, “Blind Love In Vain.” Right from the start, the band overtakes you with their bouncy arrangement with strong roots influence featuring an energetic instrumental arrangement with a plethora of unique elements to draw you in. In addition, Jeffrey’s vocals sit clear in front of the mix with an easy on the ears tone for a radio-ready sound. From killer instrumentals to a powerful hook, “Blind Love In Vain” makes a strong impression for the JDB.

Following up, the energy winds down with the open, relaxing arrangement of his song “Someday.” The open mix gives the song a more raw, live feeling atmosphere as Jeffrey sings, “Someday I will swim inside your eye/and I’ll be the object of your desire.” Light finger picked melodies are accompanied by soft reinforcement from bass, keys and light percussion for a lulling music experience.

A song that you definitely will not want to miss of this album is the award winning “Gypsy Jewel.” This song is sure to stand out to listeners with its grooving instrumentals taking a note from funk and introducing it with folk-style story-telling and instrumental arrangement for an unforgettable sound. This song is a testimony to Jeffrey’s undeniable talent as a songwriter. Followed by “Old Record Store,” Jeffrey shows that he can write in a multitude of fashions and deliver a memorable experience each time. This pop influenced track definitely makes a big impact on the album as it comes to a close.

The JDB end the album with a stellar rocking track, “Odd Ball Blues.” Using a spoken word style over slamming rock instrumentals packs a high energy punch into the verses before transitioning into the slightly more melodic chorus. This song was the perfect way to end the album with a bang and show off the rocker in Jeffrey Dallet.

“Abnormal Oddities” has a myriad of songs that you won’t want to miss out on. You can check out more of the album and hear the songs for yourself via CDbaby. For more information, make sure to visit his website!

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