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  • Bryon Harris

K-Syran – ‘Shake That Booty’

K-Syran is a pop artist that is destined to leave her mark in the music industry. Already on the rise, K-Syran has two US Billboard chart hits and four Music Week dance hits alongside a string of playlists across UK’s Gaydio. With all that being said, K-Syran is quickly becoming an iconic figure in the UK. The momentum continues with her latest track ‘Shake That Booty,” a stellar dance track dubbed as one of her best tracks to date.

The song opens with a steady pulsing house beat which is steadily built upon with layers of synths and bass. The combination of full, percussive synths, airy, gliding synths, and killer vocal synths make for an engaging arrangement that allows you to find new exciting elements every time you listen. The progressive build makes for a dramatic lead into the first verse as K-Syran enters singing, “All those things that you told me were a lie/Yeah/And they are saying that the time has just gone by/Yeah/And I could see you laying down that dance again/Yeah.” Her vocals possess an infectious, bright and airy timbre that blends perfectly into the mix.

As she enters the chorus, the production eases off making a more open arrangement that allows you to allocate more focus to her vocals as she begins to sing, “Yeah shake that little booty/Breaking all the silences the tension rise between us/Yeah shake that little booty.” In traditional dance song fashion, as the chorus comes to a close, the production begins to amp back up leading to a huge drop that revitalizes the track and forces your body to move with the rhythm during the instrumental break.

“Shake That Booty” is a stellar dance track that is perfect for spreading good vibes and pumping up your party. Inspired by her performance at GayPride, K-Syran wanted to write a song that captured that open-minded and joyful atmosphere and she did just that. Make sure to head over to her website for more information!

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