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Suzanne's Band – ‘Breathe’ EP

Suzanne’s Band is the Indie-Pop project of Suzanne Walker with a timeless sound. Ever since a young age, Suzanne had a strong passion for all of her music endeavors whether it was studying piano, singing in Church, or performing in musicals. More recently, Suzanne was in America’s Got Talent tryout contest in 2016-2017 giving her the kick-start she needed to pursue her dream of having a career in music. She released her debut EP, ‘Breathe,’ last November showing just how talented a songwriter Suzanne is through a collection of wonderful songs.

The opening song, “Down in Mexico,” is a gleaming example of just how infectious and memorable Suzanne’s songwriting is. The laid-back instrumentation with island vibes, accompanied by her smooth vocals make for an easy on the ears sound that makes you envision relaxing on a beach in Mexico. With simple melodies that will stick in your head, listeners will definitely find themselves singing and humming along to this tune. Followed up by the strong, blues influenced ballad, “Losing You,” Suzanne’s Band delivers a powerful music experience right from the start of the EP that listeners will not forget.

In the ‘Breathe’ EP, Suzanne connects with listeners through pouring out her heart and emotions through each song. Touching ballads like “Losing You” and the title track of the album “Breathe” captivate listeners through simple, pretty arrangements and powerful vocals. These tracks are complimented by her more up-beat tunes that put a positive spin on lost love like “One From Two.” With bouncy bass accompanied by soft percussion, light strumming, and harmonious vocals, “One From Two” is a memorable mark on the EP.

Make sure to check out the music video for “One From Two” here!

In total, the EP features six song that showcase Suzanne’s talent as a musician and just how dynamic of a song writer she is. Her timeless sound, and honest, relatable songwriting makes her music easy for anybody to relate to. Make sure to check out more about Suzanne’s Band on their website.

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