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  • Bryon Harris

Rozee – 'Blue Sky'

Hailing from The US Virgin Islands, singer/songwriter Rozee is a Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Soul artist who got her early start singing in a Church choir. She worked in Miami and has now relocated to Los Angeles where she is completing her debut album RSLYN to be released this fall. Rozee cites her mother’s passing as a catalyst for change in her life. After her mother suddenly passed away, Rozee moved to L.A. and took some time off music. She has now returned full force with a song about her Mother’s passing called “Blue Sky.” In “Blue Sky”, Rozee strikes universal chords that will move anyone who misses someone they loved.

Blue Sky opens with a delicate finger-picking pattern on guitar. The sound of the guitar is clean and crisp. The track is sparse (just guitar) which allows for Rozee’s beautiful voice to take center stage. Rozee enters singing with heartfelt lyrics, "I throw these flowers in the ocean. Just to make up for the time that we don't get to spend together.” Although this song is about her mother passing away, it is also a song about so much more. It is about inner strength, wisdom through loss, empowerment and encouragement. It is a song about hope and healing. And it is, most of all, a song about gratitude.

Please take a moment to watch Rozee’s amazing performance of Blue Sky:

The verses of Blue Sky build nicely to the chorus where Rozee shines vocally as she unleashes the full power of her dynamic voice feeling every word. “Thank you for the Sleepless nights. Thank you for the lullabies. Thank you for many times. You showed me that love is life. My love My dear oh. I miss you. One day I’ll meet you In your Paradise. In that Blue Sky....In that Blue Sky.” At the end of the song, Rozee adds very effective layers of vocal harmonies for a powerful outro that will stay with you for a long time.

Blue Sky is a song that will resonate worldwide. Rozee tackles the emotionally difficult subject of missing someone who has passed away with grace and style. She has put into words what many of us want to express. It is very well written and performed. This is a song that would make any mother feel very proud. It will move you tears, yet leave you feeling better through healing lyrics, delicate musicianship, and a gorgeous vocal performance that you will want to hear more of.

To connect with Rozee, visit her on Facebook.

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