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  • Bryon Harris

Hermetic Seals – Like Home EP

Hermetic Seals has one member; Richard Fronapfel. A talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Richard is a product of 70’s AM radio shows, college radio hits of the 80’s, and a blend of Rock, Pop, Soul and Funk that had an effect on his life. Now, Richard is stepping away from performing the songs of artist he loved, to using those decades of musical inspiration to unleash the music inside him to the world. His debut EP, ‘Like Home’ is full of music that reminisces significant times, places and emotions.

The EP features a total of six tracks for you to get yourself acquainted to Hermetic Seals sound. It opens up with his song “Things You Do,” setting the stage with an enticing love song featuring dynamic instrumentals that keep listeners hooked with catchy melodic lines and ever-changing arrangements. This track definitely sticks with you making it a great opener for the ep. Following up with his track “Impossible,” the simpler accompaniment allows his vocal melodies and lyrics to take precedence as he sings, “On that train to nowhere…/I heard her laughing/Filled with joy, she/Gave me everything.

One of the most exciting tracks off of the EP is his song “Comets.” Kicking off with a compelling arrangement of guitar and strings, enticing progressions introduce the vocals for the first verse. Layers of vocals harmonize to create a mesmerizing effect. Not before long, the arrangement builds with percussion and melodic leads. “Comets” is a great example of Hermetic Seals stellar songwriting. Wrapping up, he sends off the EP with a quick, mostly instrumental track titled “Caliente” for a fun end to the project.

Hermetic Seals’ ‘Like Home’ EP give a glimpse into his emotions and experiences through pop-rock tinged tracks that are each unique and intriguing. The EP is available for fans via iTunes. You can check out another great track from the EP, “InvisibleMan,” accompanied by an animated video on YouTube. For more information on Hermetic Seals, visit their website.

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