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  • Bryon Harris

Stephen Voyce – ‘Summer Lust’

“If you mean it, sign it in ink.” These are words that up and coming artist Stephen Voyce uses to fuel his creativity, compositions, and vocals. He believes in this mantra so much that he has gotten it tattooed on his chest. Stephen is ambitiously moving forward in this new chapter of his music career. Under new management with Fayçal Hajji of FH Studio, Stephen released his new feel good single “Summer Lust.”

Kicking off, the song begins with a funky guitar progression accompanied by steady percussion, pulsing bass, and ambient, droning synths that all come together to create an instrumental arrangement that immediately gets you feeling the upbeat groove. After the brief introduction, Stephen enters for the first verse showing off his stellar vocals that listeners will swoon over. They shine through the mix with a bright tone and clear diction allowing listeners to connect with each word he says.

Approaching the hook, Stephen puts the focus on his sultry falsetto accompanied by layers of background vocals as he sings, “Do you think that this can be more than a fantasy/If I come will you hold on or will you run from me/Do you dream about the things that I can do to you.” This creates a seamless transition into the hook in which Stephen undoubtedly creates an unforgettable music experience for his listeners. Keeping the energy from the chorus, Stephens makes sure to keep listeners enthralled through dynamic changes in the second verse. “Summer Lust” will grab and hold your attention from its energetic start to its calm ending.

Check out the killer music video for "Summer Lust" now!

Stephen Voyce’s “Summer Lust” is a fun track that dishes out positive vibes perfect for kicking off your summer. The song is available for purchase on iTunes. For more information on Stephen Voyce, check out his website.

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