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Jeremy Parson's Song "Burn This House Down" to be Featured on BWH Music Group's &#

For Immediate Release Boston, MA

Jeremy Parson's song "Burn This House Down" will be featured on 'THAT SUMMER by Various Artists,' a compilation CD project by BWH Music Group. The release is anticipated to hit global markets in June, 2018.

About Jeremy Parsons:

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Jeremy Parsons grew up soaking in the sounds of the Lone Star state's dance-hall music. From Texas to Nashville and all over the world, Jeremy has mesmerized audiences with his homegrown talent, down-to-earth personality, warm humor, and a heart-felt love of his art.

Jeremy was always a fan of music, but it wasn’t until his later high school years that he discovered his knack for it. Driven by his passion, he taught himself to play the guitar and began to write and perform original music. His current single, “Burn This House Down,” paints a poignant picture of heartbreak and acceptance. Drawing from his personal experiences , Jeremy creates songs that are keenly perceptive and meaningful while remaining easy to relate to. Jeremy Parsons is part of the prestigious MTS Management Roster.

To learn more about Jeremy Parsons, visit his website at or visit the BWH Music Group Roster of Select Artists.

About BWH Music Group: BWH Music Group is a non-exclusive Cooperative Record Label where the label and artists work together to achieve common goals. BWH Music Group offers Record Releases, Recording Services, Public Relations and WNIR - National Indie Radio. Contact

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