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  • Bryon Harris

Luna Keller Signed to BWH Music Group’s ‘THAT Summer bv Various Artists’ Record Release

For Immediate Release Boston, MA

BWH Music Group is thrilled to announce that Luna Keller has been signed to the record label’s 'THAT SUMMER by Various Artists' compilation project. The label will be featuring her song “Packing My Bags” on the album. The release is anticipated to hit global markets in June, 2018.

About Luna Keller:

Hailing from Spain, 17-year old Luna Keller is a young singer-songwriter who has released seven singles in a short period of time to critical acclaim. In the music review blog ‘Wolf in a Suit’, Luna’s song “Black and Blue” is described as having “an exquisite and mature showcase of lyricism.” In the journal ‘Where the Music Meets the Street’, Luna’s holiday release “Christmas Lights” is said to have “sensible vocals very beautifully placed in an almost classical ambiance with a catchy flow in the chorus.”

​It is no surprise that Luna has a gift for singing, songwriting and playing music. Luna hails from a musical family. Her father is an established guitarist and her mother is a singer and piano player. Luna was exposed to many instruments, styles and cultures at a young age. “I was thirteen when I picked up one of my dad's guitars and...I fell in love!” Over time, Luna studied vocal technique, guitar and songwriting. She also honed her singing and performance skills in Choir and Theater. Today, Luna is on the verge of big things. She enjoys touring and traveling where she gains inspiration from the musicians she meets. Luna was signed to BWH Music Group’s Compilation Project, “THAT SUMMER by Various Artists.” The label looks forward to showcasing the young and talented Luna to a global audience.

To learn more about Luna, visit the BWH Music Group Roster.

About BWH Music Group: BWH Music Group is a non-exclusive Cooperative Record Label where the label and artists work together to achieve common goals. BWH Music Group offers Record Releases, Recording Services, Public Relations and WNIR - National Indie Radio. Contact

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