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  • Bryon Harris

Evan Diamond – ‘Intersections’

Evan Diamond is an indie pop/rock artist born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was at 18 that she realized her dream of becoming a successful songwriter and musician. After convincing her parents to let her take a year off from her university, she moved to Sand Diego, CA where she has now been for four years playing music all over the state. Now, she plays 15+ shows a month and has played at venues such as The Hotel Café, The Viper Room, and most recently, San Diego’s House of Blues Main Stage with her band, Evan Diamond & The Library. With her first single, “Intersections,” off of her debut EP Evan hopes to breathe new life into the music industry and inspire others along the way.

Starting off the song, eerie drones are accompanied by reverberant, pounding percussion that is slowly built upon by melodic guitar. Entering for the first verse Evan sings, “You’re just an intersection in my life/Cause I can’t decide whether to stop or yield /Turn right or keep passing by/Can you read all the signs?/Cause you keep sending mixed signals with all your flashing lights,” as her infectious vocal tone draws you in with hauntingly captivating melodic phrases. Shifting into the pre-chorus, the instrumentals begin to build energy transitioning to a powerful chord driven arrangement.

In “Intersections,” Evan is making a statement on the choices you must make and life, how you decide to make those choices, and the outcome of those decisions you made. In the chorus, she puts you in the drive seat singing, “So let’s get-get-getaway/Buckle up and drive/Just for tonight, take the wheel/And you’ll be mine,” in an addictive moment of the song that will be stuck in your head long after the song is over. Her clever lyrics paired with her dynamic vocals make for a music experience you won’t be able to pull yourself away from.

Evan Diamond has a killer sound that is easy to love and tracks like “Intersections” make it easy to relate with her music. This song and the full Intersections EP are available via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. For more information on Evan Diamond, make sure to visit her website.

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