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  • Bryon Harris

Skinny Fresh Signed to BWH Music Group's 'THAT SUMMER' By Various Artists

BWH Music Group is thrilled to announce that Skinny Fresh has been signed to the record label’s 'THAT SUMMER by Various Artists' compilation project. The release is anticipated to hit global markets in June, 2018.

About Skinny Fresh:

Skinny Fresh is an independent on-the-rise rapper from Switzerland who is gaining worldwide recognition for his salient lyrics, impressive flows, diversified beats and his newly interpreted, millennial-flavored boom bap. Skinny Fresh burst onto the hip hop scene as the Swiss Winner of Emergenza, one of the world's largest and most competitive live music contests for up-and-coming unsigned talent. The competition was fierce, but winning Swiss Emergenza was only the beginning.

Born and raised in Switzerland as the son of a pianist and a choir director, Skinny Fresh’s exposure to music dates back to the cradle. By the age of eleven, after a one year stay in San Diego, he was writing songs and producing beats. By 2013, Skinny Fresh met his current beat producer Beatcauzo and together they made their debut recording and set the stage on fire at Emergenza. After his first release, Skinny Fresh was discovered by Ives Irie of Delinquent Habits. Impressed by the skill and passion of the young Swiss lyricist, Ives Irie added Skinny Fresh to the Delinquent Habits European album tour. As the opening act, Skinny Fresh won over crowds in Europe while continuing to build a strong following in Switzerland. In January 5, 2018 Skinny Fresh’s debut album 'The Millennials Tape' was released putting him on the watch-list of several record labels. The 15-track album, including two collaborations with Ives Irie and one with Prop Dylan, bridges the widening gap between classic old school and new school Hip-Hop.

Skinny Fresh supports many international artists including Delinquent Habits, La Coka Nostra, Onyx and Prop Dylan. His fan-base continues to expand and his reputation is sealed as the one-and-only Swiss lyricist. Or to simply put it in the words of Ives Irie, former rapper of Delinquent Habits: “Skinny Fresh could become the first Swiss rapper to be successful in the U.S.“

To learn more about Skinny Fresh, visit BWH Music Group's Roster.

About BWH Music Group:

BWH Music Group is a full scale, non-exclusive, Cooperative Record Label where the label and artists work together to achieve common goals. BWH Music Group offers Record Releases, Recording Services, Public Relations and National Radio. Visit our website.

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